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Zainab Kabba 'I thrive in a collaborative environment'
Zainab Kabba - Associate Director for Programmes

It’s an exciting time to join the Centre. This year has seen a major influx of talent, including Associate Director of Programming, Dr Zainab Kabba.

Zainab is an education and institution development expert and joined us in June with a mission to oversee the development of all our co-curricular educational programmes and research activities.

We have a bold vision for the Centre and our approach to learning, which Zainab will bring to life. She believes that education for action is about far more than simply being book-smart - it’s about asking questions, learning by doing, collaboration, diversity of thought and culture and above all keeping an open and curious mind. And this philosophy is clearly reflected in the work she does with our programme managers, marketing and events teams - creating a learning environment with an asset-based approach to include diverse speakers, peer learning, learned and lived knowledge acquisition, planned improvisation and engaging with the community. 

Zainab’s approach is underpinned by her considerable experience in the field. In a previous role with Sesame Workshop, she worked with governmental and non-governmental organisations to develop educational materials and content for orphans and vulnerable children in the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. She is extremely well-respected in her field and has co-authored chapters about education in sub-Saharan Africa for Bloomsbury and Routledge. Not only this, but she is also the former Executive Director for Cambridge Muslim College where she oversaw the provision of faith leadership through education, training and research based on a dialogue between faith traditions and ideas and circumstances of the modern world. 

There’s no question that Zainab understands our audiences and the world of the University very well - she, herself, holds a DPhil in Education from the University of Oxford.

Zainab’s work over the next few years will focus on creating a social impact curriculum underpinned by a systems thinking approach, making sure that our work reaches the minds of all Oxford students (not just those who are expressly interested in entrepreneurship), building our network and engaging with our alumni across all of our programmes. Exciting times ahead.

‘Our work can contribute to social and environmental impact no matter what sector someone chooses to have a career in’.

Zainab Kabba

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