Collaboration with the Family Business Network

A joint study to examine the relationship between purposeful ownership, corporate performance and positive impacts

The Ownership Project at Oxford Saïd is collaborating with the Family Business Network (FBN) on several core research activities. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, FBN has a global reputation as a network dedicated to leadership and peer-to-peer learning by business-owning families.

FBN by numbers

  • Founded: 1989
  • Membership: 3,600 business owning families 
  • Chapters: 32 chapters covering 65 countries

Our collaboration with FBN is multi-method, encompassing qualitative interviews and observational methodologies as well as a quantitative survey. We have worked with FBN to customise FBN’s existing Polaris Impact Assessment (PIA) towards the aims of this research. Tailored to the specific characteristics of family businesses, the PIA is a bespoke version of B Lab’s B Impact Assessment, which has been used by over 50,000 companies across 60 countries to benchmark and improve their performance in the areas of governance, labour, community, and environment.

Our collaboration is guided by a Steering Committee comprised of:

Saïd Business School, University of Oxford:

  • Dean Professor Peter Tufano
  • Professor Colin Mayer CBE FBA
  • Dr Mary Johnstone-Louis
  • Dr Bridget Kustin
  • Professor Belen Villalonga (NYU Stern)

Family Business Network:

  • Alexis du Roy de Blicquy, FBN International
  • Caroline Seow, FBN International
  • Albert Jan Thomassen, FBN Netherlands
  • Fred R. Sasser, Sasser Family Holdings, USA
  • Risto Väyrynen, Leipomo Väyrynen, Finland
  • Şerife Inci Eren, Inci Holding A.S., Turkey
  • Simon Torres, Grupo Contempo, Colombia
  • Winson Yeung, Singbee Group, China

For more information on the Oxford-FBN partnership, contact us:

Helen Fletcher, Saïd Business School

Caroline Seow, FBN International

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