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Turning a groundswell of climate action into ground rules for net zero
Paper | 08-04-2024 
Thomas Hale, Thom Wetzer, Selam Kidane Abebe, Myles Allen, Amir Amel-Zadeh, John Armour, Kaya Axelsson, Ben Caldecott, Lucilla Dias, Sam Fankhauser, Benjamin Franta, Cameron Hepburn, Kennedy Mbeva, Lavanya Rajamani, Steve Smith and Rupert Stuart-Smith 

Driving sustainability strategy home: effective practices that take businesses’ impact beyond profit
Report | 01-2024
Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (contributed to by Andrew Mountfield)

Capitalism and crises: how to fix them
Book | 11-01-2024
Colin Mayer

'Investcorp insights' – consumers sentiment towards climate change: with Dr. Amir Amel-Zadeh
Podcast | 12-2023

Green hearts to green carts: bridging the say-do gap for climate conscious consumption
White paper | 11-2023
Amir Amel-Zadeh and Qiaoye Yu 

Decarbonising the built environment by building better with less? 
Working paper | 09-2023 
Thea Jung, Ryan Roberts, Maria Eugenia Ceballos-Hunziker, and Judith C Stroehle

Emerging strategies for operationalizing sustainability efforts
Report | 09-2023
Harvard Business Review Analytic Services (contributed to by Andrew Mountfield)

Crafting sustainable strategy from corporate purpose: from the incremental to the transformational
Chapter | New Leadership Communication - Inspire Your Horizon, Nicole Pfeffermann and Monika Schaller (Eds), Springer | 09-2023 
Andrew Mountfield

Integration of business and sustainability strategies and their management: a comparison of methods with case study 
Chapter | Yearbook of Finance and Accounting 2023, Weka Press, Zurich, Switzerland | 2023
Andrew Mountfield, Stephan Lienin, Aulikki Sonntag, and Anastasiya Popova

ESG modelling framework: quantification and measurement of ESG factors in the profit and loss statement
Working paper | 03-01-2023 
Christian Fuat J Ecer

Do sustainability ratings matter? Evidence from private wealth investment flows
Journal article | 23-03-2022 
Amir Amel-Zadeh, Rik Lustermans, and Mary Pieterse-Bloem

The difference between purpose and sustainability (aka ESG)
Online article | Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance | 20-08-2021
Robert G Eccles, Colin Mayer, and Judith C Stroehle

The origins of ESG in pensions: strategies and outcomes
Working paper | Wharton Pension Research Council | 07-2021 
Judith C Stroehle and Stéphanie Lachance

Barriers to implementing sustainability experienced by middle managers in the fast-moving consumer goods and retail sector
Chapter | Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency, Teerikangas, S et al, Edward Elgar Publishing | 16-07-2021 
Andrew Mountfield, Kelly Hrajnoha, Leslie Koh, Lija Lascenko, Renata Puchala, and Cornelia Schalch

NLP for SDGs: measuring corporate alignment with the sustainable development goals
Journal article | The Journal of Impact and ESG Investing | 28-2-2022
Amir Amel-Zadeh, Mike Chen, George Mussalli, and Michael Weinberg

Measuring purpose - an integrated framework
Paper | 02-02-2021 
Clara Barby, Richard Barker, Ronald Cohen, Robert G Eccles, Christian Heller, Colin Mayer, Bruno Roche, George Serafeim, Judith C Stroehle, Rupert Younger, Thaddeus Zochowski

The board’s role in sustainability
Online article | Harvard Business Review | 01-09-2020
Robert G Eccles, Mary Johnstone-Louis, Colin Mayer, and Judith C Stroehle

Business in times of crisis
Journal article | Oxford Review of Economic Policy | 29-08-2020 
Mary Johnstone-Louis, Bridget Kustin, Colin Mayer, Judith C Stroehle, and Boya Wang

How to measure performance in a purposeful company? Analysing the status quo
Paper | The British Academy | 07-01-2020 
Judith C Stroehle, Kazbi Soonawalla, and Marcel Metzner 

Prosperity: better business makes the greater good 
Book | 6-12-2019
Colin Mayer

Integrating frameworks for multi-capital accounting, reporting and valuation
Paper | 09-08-2019 
Judith C Stroehle and Sudhir Rama Murthy

The investor revolution
Online article | Harvard Business Review | 05-2019
Robert Eccles and Svetlana Klimenko

Integrated management for capital markets and strategy:  the challenges of 'value' vs 'values' sustainability investment, smart beta and their consequences for corporate leadership
Chapter | Rethinking Strategic Management, Wunder, T, Springer, Cham, Switzerland | 2019
Andrew Mountfield, Matthew Gardner, Bernd Kasemir, and Stephan Lienin

Valuing the invaluable: how much is the planet worth?
Journal article | Oxford Review of Economic Policy | 07-01-2019
Colin Mayer

Why and how investors use ESG information: evidence from a global survey
Journal article | Financial Analysts Journal | 12-12-2018 
Amir Amel-Zadeh and George Serafeim

How should a ‘sustainable corporation’ account for natural capital?
Paper | 21-09-2017 
Richard Barker and Colin Mayer