Meet the people that make up the Entrepreneurship Centre and Creative Destruction Lab - Oxford.

Entrepreneurship Centre


Libby Wood, Lead Programme Manager |

Sorina Campean, Partnerships & Stakeholder Engagement Lead |

Natalie Berge, Programme Manager |

Iulia Pop, Programme Manager |

Lusiana Castiglione, Marketing and Communications Manager |

Maria Nikolou, Entrepreneurship Lead |

Kay Hall, Finance Administrator |

Miranda Townsend, Programme Officer |

Benjamin Hornsby, Apprentice Events and Administration Assistant |


Creative Destruction Lab - Oxford


Sarah Barratt Ball, Director  | 

Ben Goldberg, Associate Director |

Kutlu Kazanci, Associate Director |

Natalya Vilyavina, Venture Manager |

Onur Aydogan, Venture Manager |

Sarah Jones, Venture Manager  | 

Lusiana Castiglione, Marketing and Communications Manager |

Rachel Gaw, Programme Officer |

Tanya Jenner, Programme Administrator, Finance |

Iulia Pop, Programme Manager  |

Lisa Tompkins, Programme Administrator, Events |