‘Liber’ is the Latin word for ‘free’.


Liber, powered by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Oxford Saïd and generously supported by Santander Universities, is a five-month collaborative programme that brings together University of Oxford undergraduates from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds with start-ups, scale-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with the aim of increasing accessibility to leadership positions.

By taking part, Liber Fellows will benefit from a £3,000 financial bursary, career development, increased accessibility to the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem and personal development support.

Businesses involved will benefit from cost-free access to a diverse pool of talent from the University of Oxford.

Interested in taking part?

For an eight-week period, you'll work within a business plus gain access to academic entrepreneurship and innovation content, the Santander Universities scholarships platform and community building.

The working project starts on Monday 4 July and finishes on Friday 26 August. It will require at least one day per week of your time on-site with the business organisation. We will provide the tools, networks and learning environment for you to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Applications have now closed for Liber 2022.

The Liber Project is a bridge between the teachings of the School and the real world application of this knowledge. We have the opportunity to support entrepreneurs in their ventures, and we are offered exceptional coaching through masterclasses.

Mustafa Abbas

Liber Student


Student fellows within the Liber 2022 cohort will have access to Santander’s scholarships platform to further their learning throughout the programme.

The two students working on our market opportunity have been great. It's been really amazing to benefit from their insights and enthusiasm!

Stephanie Lesage

Co-founder and CEO, Oxford Silk Phage Technologies