Ideation Lab



A series of facilitated workshops designed to engage students in the process of ideation

It will develop your understanding of techniques and processes to build skills in self-perception, observation and design thinking that are effective not only for those looking to start their own businesses but also to be innovative in complex organisations.

Taking place over Michaelmas term with 4 sessions, you will complete the programme equipped with a more entrepreneurial mindset.

Programme Structure

  1. Introspection

Objective: to understand yourself better, your ambitions and your motivations. This will improve self-awareness, knowledge of identity and as well as understand that other people’s motivations vary. These skills can support successful team building and team work. 


  1. Observation

Objective: Participants will direct their focus to looking at their surrounding environment. Answering questions like ‘how do you observe the world around you?’ and ‘how do you identify problems’ which encourage participants to brainstorm problems and develop their observational skills.


  1. Lateral thinking

Objective: to learn skills and processes which will lead to and support the creation of good ideas. The content will be developed and facilitated by Entrepreneur First focusing on exercises which develop lateral thinking, a similar technique to design thinking, in groups with continuous discussion and feedback.


  1. Challenge

Objective: to use the skills and methodologies learned in the previous sessions to identify a problem. The session will finish with presentations, in front of a judging panel, of problems which teams have identified. 


Who is the Ideation Lab for?

Students of Said Business School who are looking to develop their skills in forming ideas.

How do I apply?

Participation in the programme is via application. Applications for 2018 are now closed. Applications for the next cohort will open in summer 2019.

When does the Lab take place?

4 sessions which run across Michaelmas term. Dates will be communicated shortly. Successful applicants must attend each session.