Venture Growth Series

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Entrepreneurship Centre

Start date:

  • January 2020

What is the Venture Growth Series?

These individual workshops are designed for Saïd Business School students that have a business idea that they would like to carry out some initial testing on and see whether the idea can be validated. For MBA students in particular, this is an opportunity to work on an idea prior to the Entrepreneurship Project. We will not be covering Entrepreneurship Project course material, but the programme will take preparatory steps to maximise the experience of the Entrepreneurship Project.  For students that do not take the Entrepreneurship Project this is a great chance to explore an idea further and develop a tool kit that you can use on future ideas.

Who is the programme for?

Students of Saïd Business School. We accept about 30 candidates.

    It will cover areas such as:

    • Customer discovery and client validation
    • Value proposition
    • Business models

    What is the structure?

    Weekly sessions 6-8pm at Saïd Business School. The sessions are interactive involving significant involvement from each participant.

    To apply

    If you are interested in joining one of our workshops, please contact us at