Oxford Programme on Ownership

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Ownership for influence and impact

Start date:


  • 5 days

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Oxford
  • United Kingdom


  • £10,500 plus accommodation

About the programme

Building on research with the world’s leading business families, this programme is tailored for current and future owners of large family businesses.

A unique programme to hone the strengths of family businesses as innovators and change agents in the global economy.

To achieve and sustain long-term, meaningful tenure, families must be equipped to lead across five levels of influence. Via a powerful mix of research-based teaching and live case studies from leading business families, the Oxford Programme on Ownership takes current and future business owners on a journey towards impact that outlasts any one organisation.

We leverage three unique perspectives:

  1. The historical view from some of England’s longest standing business families 
  2. The intellectual and cultural tradition of Oxford
  3. The rapidly evolving dynamics of family offices in London 

Through a considered mix of experiential and course-based learning, you'll be encouraged to understand the ‘why’ behind family ownership, and identify higher-impact means of ‘how’ to own, now and in future.


    Programme locations across the UK; encompassing the Oxford experience, dynamism of London, and unparalleled historicity of heritage British businesses.

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    Stonor Park

    Meet the faculty

    An interdisciplinary mix of research expertise drawn from the worlds of finance, economics, anthropology and social impact. 

    The programme allows participants a rare opportunity to reflect on why they’re running their businesses, and map that to action

    Colin Mayer CBE

    Principal Investigator, The Ownership Project at Oxford Saïd


    To you

    • Build a Personal Action Plan with achievable short, medium and long-term objectives
    • Become a better informed, higher impact business owner – present or future
    • Develop an influence map of your ownership objectives
    • Establish a powerful network of family business owner peers

    To your business

    • Equip yourself for the good of your family enterprise and of society
    • Build a family that leads, across generations
    • Engage your family and your business at a higher level of influence
    • Develop long-term, purposeful ownership

    Our research

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    The Ownership Project at Oxford Saïd

    The programme is based on research from The Ownership Project, led by Professor Peter Tufano, current Dean of Oxford Saïd, with our former Dean, Professor Colin Mayer CBE FBA.

    Starting with family firms, we investigate how ownership influences the endurance, value, conduct and stakeholder relationships of corporations.


    Our research builds on the theme of corporate purpose to deliver 'profitable solutions to problems of people and planet' (Mayer, 2018). What does it mean to be a responsible owner, now and in the future? Our findings will inform solutions for business owners seeking to influence their firms towards more purposeful performance.

    Who can apply?

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    The programme is open to current and future leaders of a family-owned business established over at least two generations.

    We are committed to seeing learning translate to action. Therefore the programme is designed to facilitate cross-generational dialogue and commitment. Whenever possible, we encourage one current and one future owner per participant family (at minimum) to attend the programme in tandem.

    #1 in the UK

    Our Open Programmes have retained the number one position for the fifth consecutive year in the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings.



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