Oxford Networked Strategy Lab

Leaf depicting socio ecolological networks
Strategy for a networked world

Start dates:

  • February 2020 / March 2020 / June 2020


  • 2 online modules/1 Oxford-based week

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Oxford


  • £55,000

This is the age of Networked Strategy

Transform your thinking and practice - create a new framework for business success

In today’s rapidly changing and highly connected environment, traditional approaches to strategy are struggling. The world is increasingly networked, radically transforming business, making it richer as well as more turbulent, uncertain, fast changing and ambiguous. Networks are blurring traditional industry sectors, geographical regions and profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Successful companies are embedding Networked Strategies that focus on enhancing relationships bridging traditional boundaries. They are focused on multiple value opportunities, co-creating value with others, and are aware of commonality and collaboration as a means developing robust strategies. Failure lies where knowledge, competences, resources and networks have not been taken advantage of.

The Oxford Networked Strategy Lab is a focused, hands-on experience that will enable your strategy team to transform its thinking and build new strategy models for sustainable growth

Rafael Ramirez

Academic Director of the Oxford Networked Strategy Lab

An introduction to networked strategy

Image depicting socio ecological networks

What is networked strategy?

What is the Oxford Networked Strategy Lab?

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Work with us to develop your strategy

For strategy teams of 3-5 executives from leading organisations to explore their next stage strategy developments. It is a focused, hands-on, consultative opportunity that will enable your strategy team to transform its thinking and build new strategy models for sustainable growth.

Dramatically kickstart your business networked strategy by combining and harnessing the power of collaboration, experimentation, systems thinking and design thinking.

Purpose and difference

Businesses are enabled to better manage their strategic alignment, transform their portfolio and increase the impact of their performance.

  • Achieve breakthrough strategic thinking
    Shake off traditional linear approaches to strategy and think innovatively in terms of ecosystems, partnerships, and co-created multiple values.

  • Embrace complexity
    Transcend the challenges and contradictions of the global business environment and construct new opportunities.
  • Embed new learning in your organisation
    Internalise the mindset of the networked approach through hands-on, team-based learning.
  • Lead systemic transformation
    Understand the wider context and how your organisation can take the lead in designing and realising systems to co-create different types of value and benefits for all stakeholders.
  • Become more responsive and adaptive
    Achieve the organisational flexibility and nimbleness needed for success in Turbulent, Uncertain, Novel, Ambiguous (TUNA) conditions.

The experience of participating in the programme with the Intuit team was priceless – it simply would not have worked any other way.

CeCe Morken

Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Intuit Inc.

News & insights

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It’s time for strategists to stop thinking about value chains - and start thinking about systems

Value chains are on the way out. Companies that succeed in this new world will be those that develop systems in which others can co-create value through their interactions.

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Our Open Programmes have retained the number one position for the fifth consecutive year in the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings.




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