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The Oxford Executive MBA programme is one of the most globally diverse in the world.

FacuIty, students and alumni from all over the world open participants up to views, experiences and new ways of thinking, enriching every module. Internationalism is fundamental to the Oxford Executive MBA programme, not only in the teaching, faculty, and research but also the class dynamics.

Almost 75% of the class drawn from countries outside the UK and an average of 30 different industry sectors are represented. Approximately a third of each class is composed of female students.

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    Participants discuss how transformational the programme has been.

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    14 years

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    Forge enduring connections

    You will gain access to an international network of peers, alumni, and faculty.

    While the closest connections will be made with your immediate cohort, our Executive MBA participants enjoy the vast network and opportunities available across the University of Oxford. 

    The convening power of the University brings heads of state, CEOs, Nobel laureates, brilliant young scholars, social entrepreneurs and senior policy makers, inventors and corporate recruiters, amongst others to Oxford.

    A unique benefit for Oxford Saïd EMBA participants is the ability to join the Oxford Business Alumni Network, the official global business alumni network of Saïd Business School. 


      Student blogs


      Follow the journey of our Executive MBA bloggers for an honest account of their time at Oxford.

      Our bloggers describe the academic challenges and highlights, as well as the opportunities presented to them as their programme unfolds.

      Women at Oxford Saïd

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      Oxford is a passionate proponent of women’s entrepreneurship as a force for change and global economic growth.

      Reflecting this philosophy, the Saïd Business School invests in a wide range of initiatives to help create a thriving community of women leaders. This includes such initiatives as the Oxford Women’s Leadership Community and the Oxford Business Network for Women in Leadership.

      Specifically for the Executive MBA, we offer scholarships in conjunction with the Forté and the 30% Club.