Oxford Cyber Futures Programme

School at night
Gain a practical grounding in cyber security and its impact on your organisation.
  • 6 weeks
Time commitment:
  • Short programme
  • Online


  • £2,850

About the programme

Develop the knowledge required to make strategic decisions around cyber security.

This programme explores topics normally left to information technology specialists, enabling business leaders to feel confident they can apply these learnings within their current and future roles. These topic areas have profound implications in terms of both risk and opportunity, and are essential to equip yourself and your organisation for future success.

Key themes include:

  • Foundations of cyber security
  • Digital privacy
  • Net neutrality
  • Data governance
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital ethics

You will also participate in a unique cyber attack simulation, assuming the role of a senior executive at a company that is in the middle of a major cyber incursion.

This programme is delivered in partnership with Esme Learning and MasterCard. Read more about the collaboration

Future dates for this programme are to be confirmed. 

How can disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, biometrics, big data and blockchain establish themselves positively?...We need to address not only the risks, but also the potential for good.

David Shrier

Programme Director, Oxford Cyber Futures Programme

Meet the faculty

The programme is led by David Shrier, a globally recognised authority on financial innovation. In addition to Oxford Cyber Futures, he is co-director of the Oxford Fintech Programme and Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme.

David brings together expert faculty insights from across the University of Oxford and industry leaders to guide you throughout the programme. 


Module 1

Cyber Foundations I

Examine current cyber trends and learn the basics of keeping your business safe in our digital world. 

Module 2

Cyber Foundations II

Reimagine your business in a rapidly changing world facing new threats.

Module 3

Advanced Cyber Concepts

Dive deeper into the challenging issues of digital privacy, data governance, and the self-sovereignty of data.

Module 4

Responsible Innovation I: Self-Sovereignty and Identity

Confront complex topics such as net neutrality, cyber inclusion, digital identity, artificial intelligence and their impacts on society. 

Module 5

Responsible Innovation II: Cyber Ethics and Impact

Explore the ethical dimensions of the new cyber world, and how to innovate responsibly for the benefit of all. 

Module 6

Cyber Opportunity

Complete the programme with an idea that you can pursue to create a safer, fairer and more profitable cyber future.