Oxford Executive MBA: programme delivery in 2021 & 2022

Important information for those starting the EMBA

With government guidelines continuing to evolve here in the UK and further afield, we have been working to safely deliver the Oxford EMBA in a way that is in keeping with the unique experience that comes from joining our institution. We will update this page with new information as it is confirmed, and directly with applicants and offer-holders. 

As with previous intakes, we look forward to welcoming an internationally diverse group of students to the S21 class. We anticipate students joining from over 25 countries. The evolving national guidelines on travel due to Covid-19 and the situation in each country impacts how our students may be able to experience their programme. 

We will start the S21 and J22 Oxford EMBA programmes online for the first module and then offer hybrid delivery (in-person for those who are able, online for those who need to continue remote-study) for the first part of each programme. For the S21 and J22 EMBA programmes, Module 1 will be online for all students then hybrid delivery will be offered for at least Modules 2 & 3. We are keen to ensure that your whole class can start their EMBA journey together and to offer a level playing field for all regardless of travel restrictions. We have successfully delivered the first modules online for the previous intakes and these experiences have shown us the benefit of all students experiencing the introduction to the programme in the same way, allowing for the best class integration and settling-in experience. 

Digital learning

Over the past 15 months, our Faculty have come together to innovate, developing an enhanced digital learning experience for you that reflects the new circumstances we all face. While the programme is a predominantly in-person programme, there are elements of the programme (including two electives) which are delivered fully online. Online modules contain live synchronous sessions (respecting different time zones) complemented by asynchronous digital learning materials, allowing students greater flexibility.

You can be assured that the content, quality, and qualification remains the same. 

Sessions and plenaries will be recorded for reference. Resources will be available through our Learning Management System (LMS) which we have made further investment in for this purpose.

All core reading can be accessed online, as well hard copies being delivered to students. We will support your preparation by keeping in touch with you ahead of your start date, providing more guidance in virtual environments, making an early introduction to your dedicated Programme Manager and providing you with a welcome package. 

We are conscious of the need to facilitate team-building and these activities will be spread over the first modules using an enhanced structure which will give you the chance to speak to everyone in your cohort. Study groups will continue to be heterogeneous, and deliberately not time-zoned based, to preserve the diversity of discussion. 

We announce any changes to delivery in good time so that you can make your plans with certainty and with the knowledge that your safety is paramount. 

International modules

Equally this has been an opportunity for us to review how we deliver the global content of the programme. Central to the Oxford Executive MBA are the themes of globalisation and complex decision-making delivered through the core courses 'Global Rules of the Game' and 'Business in Emerging Markets'. While the content covered remains the same the delivery location for these modules will change for future EMBA cohorts including the S21 intake. The 'Global Rules of the Game' course will take place in Oxford and then students will be able to express a preference on where they would like to experience the 'Business in Emerging Markets' course in year two, with a choice of three locations (India, China or Peru).

The S21 and J22 classes will share their international module experience allowing greatest flexibility for individuals and as part of a wider strategy to facilitate greater interaction between our different EMBA cohorts, offering more opportunities for participants to make valuable connections. In view of the continuing global pandemic, this change also enables planning security for all.


In addition to your academic courses, we are aware of the importance of all the co-curricular, career development and networking activities that are part of your EMBA experience. Our teams are fully focussed on how to deliver these to you; please be assured that we expect to maintain our co-curricular programming, and will undoubtedly have new offerings that reflect the change we are all going through. 

In-person teaching

Our priority is the safety of our community and we have made extensive changes to the School's physical sites to accommodate current government guidelines. Our policies for in-person programme delivery (for example, the use of face-coverings and social distancing measures) will be shared with you prior to the programme start. More information is available on our Covid-19 information page.


Additional online content

We are delighted to be able to welcome even more speakers than usual given a virtual context. You will be invited to webinars and online events across the School and University. This includes the 'Leadership in Extraordinary Times' series which has been created to help leaders respond to this unprecedented time, webinars from the Oxford Martin School, and the Oxford Minds series created by the Social Sciences Division of the University. We are also offering optional sessions before the programme starts, such as study skills workshops.

Admissions process

This continues without delay. We are committed to supporting you by answering any questions you have. If your application is successful, you will be part of the University of Oxford, joining a community that is committed to preparing future leaders to meet the complex challenges we face across the globe.


Will I still matriculate?

Yes, you will matriculate in-absentia at the usual time. You will not miss out on the ceremony, as you will later be invited to an in-person welcome ceremony to mark your earlier matriculation. This is scheduled to be held in Convocation House and the Divinity School in Oxford, as per tradition, in due course.

Will there be any changes to course fees?

Our aim is to ensure that students are able to take advantage of our world class academic teaching and meet the educational objectives of each programme. As such, all course fees and funding arrangements will remain unchanged.

We are focusing on supporting students and delivering our programmes of study within the constraints of current circumstances. Whilst we appreciate that this will mean that they are not delivered in the same manner as previous years, the provision and resources that we are working to make available should mean our educational objectives for our programmes are met. For these reasons it is not appropriate for course fees to be waived.

The current circumstances are exceptional and well beyond our control, yet University staff are working strenuously to ensure our high-quality teaching, assessments and examinations, go ahead while minimising impacts for students. Other University services (e.g. student welfare, careers support) will continue to be provided even though staff are working remotely. 

How have you already delivered the programme online and facilitated interaction between students?

We have experience of this delivery format, as current EMBA students have been taught online since March 2020, when lockdowns began across the globe. We also successfully launched the start of the programme for the September 2020 and January 2021 classes in an online format. Investment has and continues to be made in this area. 

We recognise that peer-to-peer interaction and availability of the myriad resources across the entire University are important parts of your Oxford experience so this is being facilitated wherever possible.

It is also worth noting that the programme is 22-24 months, so there is plenty of time to access those elements in-person after the online modules. More than that, it is a life-long investment to be connected to the University and join this global network. 

What has been the recent experience for current students?

A number of current students have written blog posts describing their experience, which we encourage you to read.