Balancing family life, work and Oxford EMBA study

Students with partners, children and families


Many Executive MBA students have families and/or caregiving responsibilities.

Balancing time to study without pausing your career and keeping time for your personal life and family commitments is a key consideration when embarking on the EMBA. 

The Oxford Executive MBA programme is specifically designed in a modular format for this reason. Our Recruitment Team are available to give you the information you need to help you plan, and the School offers a supportive, stimulating environment to help make your time here enriching and memorable for you and your family. 

In the video below, Oxford Executive MBA students Stephanie Gnissios and James Maduekeh share their perspectives in a short interview. They also discuss their motivations behind the decision to undertake this journey and the impact it will have on themselves, their families, their careers and their achievements in wider society.


I felt that it was something I was doing for me, for you, for us and for the communities that we are a part of.

Stephanie Gnissios

EMBA student

Making change in the world

Play the video below to hear Oxford Executive MBA student Stephanie Gnissios read a letter she wrote to her young children, telling them her reasons for embarking on the Oxford EMBA and what impact this journey will have on their life as a family and on her professional role in the world.




Son, I am on an adventure for knowledge, a quest to be a better version of myself and an inspiration to you and your siblings.'

James Maduekeh

EMBA student

A letter to my son

In the video below, Oxford Executive MBA student James Maduekeh reads a letter he wrote to his son about his reasons for joining the programme and the benefits he believes it will bring him and their family. He also talks about Oxford’s cultural places and the international study trips, as well as emphasising the importance of continuous learning.


The EMBA was a brave step for me, both intellectually and emotionally. I had a baby and a toddler at home, a full-time job, and a busy calendar. Stepping through the doors... I opened up my world to something new.

Pamela Walker-Geddes

EMBA student

The real experience


How do EMBA students balance career, family life and studying on the programme? Visit our student blog site here to see a view filtered to show posts only on this topic.

Some students find the pressure gives them extra drive to get maximum value from every experience on the programme. Others enjoy the opportunity to step outside of their usual day-to-day life to focus on developing themselves and their skills. Many describe it as a challenge - but ultimately, a rewarding one. 

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It is about keeping all the balls in the air, smelling the roses and enjoying the ride. The adrenaline keeps flowing. There are many other EMBA students in my cohort going through a similar experience, so I am not alone'

Alfredo Ajjam Altimari

EMBA student

Oxford life

Family in autumn

Although less usual in this part-time programme, some students decide to bring their families to Oxford.

If you would like family members to come with you to the UK they will also need to enter as Standard Visitors. Depending on their nationality, they will either be able to enter the UK as Standard Visitors without needing a visa, or they will need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa before travel. 


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