The Intrapreneurship Series

An initiative powered by the Entrepreneurship Centre
Start date:
  • 4 weeks
Time commitment:
  • Short programme
  • Oxford


The Intrapreneurship Series is designed for students who want to have impact and lead change in an organisation, through developing the skills and knowledge to understand how to innovate within complex structures. The entrepreneurial mindset is essential, not only for those starting their own businesses, but also for understanding how to implement innovative solutions within large structures, such as governments, healthcare systems, financial institutions or consultancy firms. 

This programme is ideal if you are intending to join a complex organisation post-study, or alternatively if you have experience of working in a large organisation and found it challenging to implement innovative solutions. It is an an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the challenges that being an intrapreneur presents, how to implement new ideas, work with multiple organisational levels and how to make innovation sustainable. Participants will be able to share their own professional experience as well as learn from others. 

The Intrapreneurship Series is structured across 4 sessions. Each session will create the space for aspiring intrapreneurs to develop skills and knowledge in by welcoming an intrapreneur from industry who will share first-hand, practical experiences of past and current challenges but also how they have achieved success. 


How to apply

Who is the programme for?

  • Saïd Business School students only.
  • Those who are interested in having impact and leading change in an organisation.
  • Students who are looking to join complex organisations after graduation.
  • Those who want to understand the challenges of being an intrapreneur.


  • Session 1: Tuesday 19 May
  • Session 2: Tuesday 2 June
  • Session 3: Tuesday 9 June
  • Session 4: Tuesday 16 June

Upcoming speakers

Rob Murray

Head of Innovation, NATO
Gib Bulloch

Gib Bulloch

Consultant & Author