Reconnecting and Rebuilding

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We do not know what kind of world will emerge after the Covid-19 pandemic, except that it will not be the same as before. Economies will recover unevenly; ways of working have perhaps already changed forever; and many businesses and individuals have discovered new priorities.

Our Reconnecting and Rebuilding webinars and resources, hosted by members of our Executive Education faculty, investigate sector-specific issues and questions that have been overlooked while national and international responses have taken centre-stage, and suggest what you could be doing now to prepare for an uncertain future.


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AI in Finance, present and future

This webinar will review existing applications and new emerging trends with their likely impact on banking and finance.

Join Nir Vulkan, Associate Professor of Business Economics at Saïd Business School.

In this webinar Nir will review existing applications and new emerging trends. In particular, he will show how new sources of data, and new methods of analysis are likely to impact aspects of banking and finance.

He will cover:

  • Review of AI applications in finance
  • Alternative financial data
  • Review of AI methods used in finance
  • Wealth management and robo advisors
  • Latest in algorithmic trading

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