Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme

A transformational leadership and general management programme for experienced senior leaders

Start dates:


  • 21 days

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Oxford


  • £25,000 plus accommodation (£2,600)

About the programme

A Financial Times-ranked programme for executives with at least ten years of senior leadership experience.

In just three weeks, this programme will evolve your leadership and stimulate a bold new strategic direction for your organisation, ensuring sustainable growth and societal impact built around an explicit purpose. 

The programme structure and teaching is designed to ensure that you make the connections between the context and your own leadership style and values. You will discover and discuss the challenges facing business in the 21st century - from climate change and inequality, to cybersecurity, AI and the future of work. You will explore specific responses and a long-term transformation that will allow you to turn these challenges into powerful opportunities. 

You will be working alongside a diverse peer and faculty group at the cutting edge of organisations and industries worldwide, a community where people are prepared to address the unknown and start to develop sustainable, long-horizon international strategies. This extends beyond your time in Oxford, as the tutoring and coaching you receive after the programme will help you embed the changes you have made during your learning into your organisation and your own life.

Introduction to the programme


To you

  • A highly personalised development journey
  • Your leadership style and values explored and stress-tested
  • A deep understanding of the new global context
  • Confidence to lead through complexity and navigate uncertainty
  • Meaningful links and co-learning with an experienced group of global leaders
  • Post programme support
  • Lifetime membership of the Oxford Business Alumni Network

To your business

A reinvigorated leader with new thinking and enthusiasm, able to:

  • better align context, purpose, and business strategy
  • develop innovative ways to support future success
  • encourage critical thinking and challenge the status quo.

Programme outline


There is a one-on-one application interview with the Programme Director to discuss your leadership initiative and to explore how the programme can assist you in achieving this. This is supported by executive psychometric and 360 feedback analysis.

Module 1: Your proposed leadership initiative

Your leadership initiative placed in today’s business, societal, and geopolitical contexts. Setting the trajectory to enhanced performance.

Module 2: 21st-century challenges

Insights from cutting-edge research and new perspectives on how leaders make sense of, and thrive through, rapid political, social, and economic change. Key topics include: trust in the digital economy; the impact of global events; and the climate emergency.

Module 3: Scenarios

Developing and using scenarios to systematically explore the potential impact of the 21st century challenges for organisations and your leadership initiative.

Module 4: Your organisation’s purpose

Working through a detailed analysis of the purpose of your organisation and the strategic choices it compels; resolving paradoxes between purpose and performance to combine doing the right thing for society with long-term commercial success.

Module 5: Your organisation’s performance challenge

Translating purpose into performance through topics such as leading digital transformation, financing large-scale investments, strategic negotiations, sustaining competitive advantage and superior performance; and diversification and sustainable growth.

Module 6: Your leadership initiative redesigned

Examining successful execution, including adaptive leadership, presence and mindset. Bringing everything together to finalise your ‘Leadership Playbook’ of personalised, contextualised, and fully stress-tested strategies; consolidating your learning and using it as a springboard for innovative thinking, with action plans that will take your new leadership initiative forward.


  • Tangible Leadership Playbook ready to put into action
  • Follow up coaching session further consolidates learning 
  • Lifetime membership of the Oxford Business Alumni Network

Class profile

  • 10+ years of experience in a senior leadership role
  • Decision-makers within an organisation
  • Job titles including chief executive, director, board member or senior leader
  • Roles in private or public sector organisations or NGOs


To help increase women's influence and impact in the world, we have several scholarships for exceptional female candidates.

What our alumni say

The time for reflection possible in the three-week programme meant I could really consolidate my learning. I could think about how I can do things differently, about how I can motivate my team to transform my organisation and to transform society.

Helen Brume

Head Oil & Gas, Corporate Banking Group

Meet the faculty

Visit faculty page

The programme is led by Andrew White, Senior Fellow in Management Practice.

Watch our series of faculty and contributor interviews.

Industry expert contributors

  • Trudi Lang, Senior Fellow in Management Practice, Saïd Business School
  • Ian Goldin - Founding Director, Oxford Martin School
  • Chris Kutarna - Fellow, Oxford Martin School
  • Michael Smets - Professor of Management, Saïd Business School
  • Mary Johnstone-Louis - Senior Fellow in Management and Practice, Saïd Business School
  • Marc Ventresca - Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Saïd Business School
  • Jonathan Trevor - Professor of Management Practice, Saïd Business School
  • Rachel Botsman - Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School
  • Sarah Rozenthuler - founder and CEO, Bridgework Consulting
  • Karen Glossop - owner, Resonance Training
  • Adam Fotheringham - Programme Director, Mythodrama
  • James Burstall - CEO, Argonon
  • Sue Williams - Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School
  • Toto Wolff - Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School

Participant experiences

Over the past 30 years, the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme has transformed the thinking and behaviour of thousands of experienced senior executives and leaders across the world.

Find out what our alumni discovered about themselves from their peers and within the classroom and how their learning has been embedded into practice after they leave Oxford.


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