Environmental, Social and Governance Sustainability Programme

For organisations investing in a sustainable future


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Designed for a closed cohort of leaders, teams will learn to drive positive change and implement a successful ESG strategy for their organisation.

The socially conscious lens

From climate change and clean water to poverty and gender equality, the most pressing challenges of our time are both global and inextricably linked. Creating a future that is more equitable and sustainable for all is a priority for many organisations, but how to achieve that goal is a more complex question.

Oxford Saïd, and the wider University, is committed to helping business leaders view their decisions through a socially conscious lens. As environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria become increasingly important in economic strategy, learning how to navigate the many ESG factors that influence finance and investment is essential.

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Our programme shows business leaders how to utilise ESG criteria to expand positive social impact.

Our solution


Channelling the convening power of the University of Oxford, we developed a programme that gives business leaders the critical insights they need to increase their positive social impact. We work closely with companies to tailor the programme to address the specific ESG concerns and opportunities facing their organisations.

The programme will help your business align finance and investment with sustainability to tackle societal and environmental challenges. By employing our collective knowledge and expertise, together we can create the future we envisage.

Our unique approach

This bespoke sustainability programme is completely customisable. You can shape it to include research and micro scenarios that focus on the service sectors that apply to your business. Our experienced programme designers have built an extensive collection of case studies containing targeted analysis that will resonate with your participants. Created by esteemed researchers and practitioners across disciplines, our programme delivers unparalleled context and insight to address the ESG factors most relevant to your organisation.

A flexible programme designed for your workforce


The programme has advanced course modules and optional sessions that you can choose from to create the perfect content for your participants.

Select from a wide range of topics, from basics like understanding why ESG matters and what it means for responsible business, to forward-looking concepts like developments and trends in sustainable finance and the future of the corporation and corporate purpose.


You will uncover why environmental and social issues matter to companies, investors and policy-makers. You will develop a deeper understanding of ESG concepts, including origins, macro trends, economic drivers, risk and return implications, valuation and measurement, impact on capital markets and policy developments. Our goal is to equip your organisation with the tools to develop a strong ESG strategy to ensure success and drive progress.

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Influential instructors

Created by leading researchers and practitioners from the financial services, legal, environmental, government and science sectors, this interdisciplinary programme delivers unparalleled context and insight from across the University of Oxford.


Don't wait for change. Drive it.

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