Arcadis Programme Management Academy

Building momentum for change and strategy implementation with digital learning technologies.

Our Custom Executive Education intervention for Arcadis, a leading global design and consultancy firm for natural and built assets, employs digital learning to build momentum for change and to embed their business strategy. Marie Oliver, Director of the Arcadis Academy, describes how learning technology enabled momentum to be created across the firm’s global network.

Focused design

'I am always conscious of aligning our L&D initiatives to the business strategy and of creating momentum for change throughout the firm – and our 2018 ‘Programme Management Academy’ is a good example.

We focused the Programme Management Academy this year on three key areas: developing client relationships, programme management leadership and digital trends in our business. However, there were challenges from an L&D perspective. Firstly, with Programme Managers spread across the globe, how could we scale the Academy across the firm and maximise the access to the sessions? Also, how could we build ownership of the learning and see a ripple effect back in the business, embedding the changes?'

World-wide delivery

View of HIVE learning

'For these reasons we decided to use a blended learning approach, which was really exciting and gave it a truly innovative feel. We utilised a combination of Oxford’s new ‘Hub for International Virtual Education’ (HIVE) and their Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to convene people from across our network for faculty-led sessions. Feedback from participants was great. They really enjoyed the interaction during the sessions, being able to ‘connect across the globe’ and share further after the sessions by peer reviewing each others’ contributions.'

Global impact

'Related to my goal of building "ownership" and a cascading of the learning around the firm, the HIVE technology allowed us to invite the Alumni of the Programme Management Academy to the sessions and to extend the learning to a much wider group of Programme Managers in 2018 than was previously feasible. We had a number of inspiring stories of how the learning resonated and spread within the business. In other words, we reached not just the people who attended, but leaders then cascaded the learning throughout their global teams, building momentum for change and embedding the new approaches. To give just one example, in Hong Kong, one of our senior leaders used learning from our Oxford HIVE sessions around client relationship building to consider how the Asia team could accelerate the rollout of the new strategic approach to Programme Management. As a result, the learning has spread across Asia, and has now reached China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand!'