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Transformational learning to drive business success
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How we can help you

We specialise in creating bespoke learning solutions for organisations to help address critical business challenges and to drive change.

Our unique approach

Drawing on Oxford’s leading-edge research and subject matter expertise, we can work with you to:

  • Design and deliver milestone/transitional leadership programmes to develop your future leaders
  • Create leadership and cultural change programmes to drive transformation
  • Build new core competencies (e.g. innovation and major project leadership) to enable you to professionalise and compete
  • Engage your clients more effectively using education as a relationship asset

What we offer

Our learning solutions take a variety of formats, including:

  • Blended learning, using a combination of face-to-face (in Oxford or client local) and technology-enabled delivery
  • Action learning and business projects to deliver impact back in your organisation
  • One-to-one coaching support

Our goal is to ensure that the learning delivers real value back in your organisation, and work with you in partnership at every stage to tailor this learning to your business, culture, strategy and goals.

News and insights

Wealthy investors care about sustainability

  • An Oxford research project has stemmed from our client ABN AMRO's Fundamentals of Sustainable Investing workshops, designed to build the banks' staff expertise in Environmental Social Governance (ESG), social responsibility, and impact investing. 

    The data from transactions of €4.4million documented each month by ABN AMRO used in the research suggests investors increase investments in companies whose sustainability scores improve. Read the full press release.

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Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

From Ego to Eco: Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • Leaders are under scrutiny like never before. In a world which appears to be changing fast and in unpredictable ways, leaders have to make sense of the context people are working in, and to lead their people and organisations to respond effectively. This is no easy task; to lead today requires a rich and varied set of skills and capabilities. Written by Jon Stokes, Senior Fellow in Management Practice and Sue Dopson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, this paper defines the nature of these challenges and sets out the necessary leadership capabilities needed.

Secrets to being a great college leader

  • The skills challenges facing further education and training leaders today are unprecedented and complex. Dr Louise Watts has personally overseen more than 250 participants on the Education and Training Foundation's portfolio of programmes delivered by Oxford Saïd and so has a unique perspective on these challenges and what leadership development may be required. 

    In this article for the Times Educational Supplement, Dr Watts and colleagues share what they feel are the '6 secrets to being a great college leader.'

Eleanor Murray
Dr Eleanor Murray, Senior Fellow in Management Practice

A Step in the Resilience Direction

  • Dr Eleanor Murray explores how taking advantage of changing conditions in a disruptive business arena may rely on nurturing innovation and entrepreneurialism in this article first published in theHRDIRECTOR, reproduced with permission. She highlights the core features of organisational resilience and how by focusing purely on efficiency, businesses may become 'brittle'; unable to anticipate not just opportunities, but threats too.

What is our role in developing the future workforce?

Leading major projects

  • IEDP Developing Leaders talks to Nick Borwell OBE, Director of the Government's Project Delivery Profession at the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, about our Major Projects Leadership Academy (MPLA) initiative. 

    In 2018 we adapted the programme to include more frequent face-to-face sessions - than week-long residentials in Oxford - to allow participants with other commitments to take part. You can read about the success of the MPLA programme in the full IEDP Developing Leaders article.

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Strategic L&D in Professional Service Firms

  • The business model of professional services is rapidly evolving; new technologies, changing competitive landscapes and complex client requirements are just some factors changing how firms fundamentally operate. Saïd Business School and Meridian West have co-authored a series of papers to answer the most important strategic questions on the agenda of professional services today.

Tipping point: A time for new leadership

  • Ilona Haaijer, Dave Tullett and Andrew White look at how we develop leaders who can cope with uncertainty in unclear contexts in this article for the IEDP’s Developing Leaders publication. They share key tips from a vast array of leadership journeys they have experienced throughout their careers, and explore how society is yearning for a new, relevant and sustainable leadership archetype; leaders who are able to live and lead with purpose, creating greater value in business environments in these extraordinary times. 

    Read the full article Tipping point: A time for new leadership

Global Strategic Alignment Leadership Programme

  • Our collaboration with Development Bank of Japan Inc. (DBJ) to design a new executive education programme will provide their high-potential future leaders with key understandings of ‘strategic alignment’ and business-critical leadership skills.

The CEO Report: Embracing paradoxes of leadership

  • How do senior executives develop the skills they need to lead in a changing world? To answer that question, we partnered with executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles to speak to 152 CEOs representing a wide range of sectors around the world to create 'The CEO Report: Embracing paradoxes of leadership'.
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We design creative learning interventions to help organisations develop and execute their strategic goals

Education & Training Foundation's portfolio of leadership programmes

Education and vocational training are key to the prospects of individual children and young learners all over the world. Saïd Business School is proud to have been working in partnership with the Education and Training Foundation for the last three years on a series of leadership programmes for the Further Education (FE) sector in the United Kingdom. Over 150 CEOs, Principals, Chairs of Boards, and senior managers from FE colleges across the country have benefited from programmes designed to deepen leadership across the sector, helping college leaders plan and adapt for a future of complex change.

FE colleges provide high quality professional education and technical training for over 2.2 million learners across the country, meeting the needs of young people, adult learners, and employers, and providing the foundation for economic and social prosperity by meeting the evolving skills-needs of the nation.

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Oxford Saïd and the Education & Training Foundation's portfolio of leadership programmes

Meet our experts

Trudi Lang
Trudi Lang, Senior Fellow in Management Practice

The support required to meet our clients brief and expectations is multi-faceted and complex. It requires the global orchestration of Staff, Faculty, Associate Fellows, Coaches, trusted partners, and the wider University, and is underpinned by a flexible, agile, and integrated approach to client service delivery.