The programme includes:

Understanding and changing mindsets

An exploration of negotiation and the differences between how men and women negotiate.


An actor will walk you through a Shakespeare play and look at the different personalities and how to navigate around them. Develop your understanding of characters and implications.

Managing a board/senior leadership scenario

How to work on an elevated pitch, and a focus on the techniques and tools to network to bring in experts in the field.

Analysis of networking and contributing

A focus on the patterns of behaviour and what women can do to counteract those patterns in certain situations.

Social impact

Look at how women can help other women in their organisations, in the wider community and internationally.

Strategy for you

Every morning participants take time to concentrate on their strategy and defining this for their leadership in rising to current challenges, drawing on analysis of their experience, their strengths and skills, their preferences and development plans.

The outcome of these workshops is the development of a leadership blueprint, prepared by each participant.

The sessions are highly interactive and leverage different perspectives with peer coaching in pairs.