Google and Women Transforming Leadership case study

A successful partnership

The tech industry is one of the worst offenders in terms of gender representation.

Google was very aware of this imbalance, with employment data from 2017 showing that only 31% of their total workforce is female, and only 25% of leadership positions are held by women. The company has since made a commitment to increasing diversity and supporting women.

To help tackle the issue, Google set up a business-wide essay competition for female staff. The winners would have their essay published and the opportunity to attend Oxford Saïd’s Women Transforming Leadership programme. Having run the competition twice now, Google has sent 5 individuals on the programme.

We are so fortunate to work for an organisation that is self-aware and actively engages in initiatives to support individuality and the promotion of a diverse workplace.

Erica Lucia

Head of Strategic Partnerships, Google Analytics

Women make up 31% of all employees at Google but only hold one in four leadership roles.

Reflecting on the programme, Google attendees have praised the value in learning about different, gender-neutral leadership styles, the focus on learning your own strengths rather than one-size-fits-all approach, and feeling confident and invigorated as they headed back to the office. The business has improved the culture as a whole, with participants sharing the tools and techniques they learned on the programme with their colleagues.

The impact goes much further than just the people attending the programme or just women – it trickles down to everyone.

Amy Young

Top Partner Lead, Global Partnerships