Transforming Family Businesses: Choosing Your Path 未来之路-华人家族企业领导与创新

Three Schools
Guanghua School of Management; Saïd Business School and Sloan School of Management 北京大学光华管理学院、牛津大学赛德商学院和麻省理工学院斯隆商学院


  • 3 weeks (Start date TBC)

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Oxford
  • Beijing
  • Boston


  • $47,500

About the programme 课程概览

A unique programme to explore the strengths of family businesses and best practices for growth in China and around the world. 独一无二的项目探索家族企业的优势,及国内外实现业绩增长的最佳实践。

Transforming Family Businesses: Choosing your Path is a program designed to deliver exceptional preparation of future owners and leaders of Chinese family companies in helping them build a firm foundation for long-term business success. Jointly offered by the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; Saïd Business School, University of Oxford; and Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this program delivers the strategic insights and tools to help you master the diverse organisational challenges confronting your family business in Greater China and beyond. You will return to your company ready to seize new local and global opportunities, ensure smooth leadership transitions, and sustain growth for generations to come.

Program Objectives/ Takeaways

  • Create an enduring family enterprise over generations 
  • Professionalise the family through family governance
  • Lead a succession process to sustain generational growth
  • Grow and transform your family business in the context of global competition
  • Identify a compelling purpose for your family enterprise beyond financial success
  • Create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship as a source of new opportunities and competitive advantage
  • Adapt to disruptions that are changing industries and business models
  • Understand business implications of disruptive technologies on your family business short and long term
  • Assess your role and develop your path within or outside a family enterprise



  • 率领家族企业,代代薪火相传。优化家族治理,专业助力传承
  • 执掌继任程序,延续企业发展。企业转型发展,决胜全球竞争
  • 超越营利追求,设定远大目标。弘扬创业创新,掌握竞争先机
  • 适应行业颠覆,业务常变常新。洞悉技术颠覆,对策长短相济
  • 找准家族角色,开辟内外路径


Introduction to the programme 项目介绍

Three Schools

Meet the faculty 师资力量

Faculty with deep family business expertise will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum focused on strengthening Chinese family businesses. Through the programme’s three-module format you will have the opportunity to experience the best teaching from three universities in a truly global context. Please read our brochure or contact our programme manager to learn more about the professors and guest speakers of this programme.


  • Li Jin
  • John Davis
  • Roberto M. Fernandez
  • QI Li
  • William Kenneth Aulet

What our alumni say 学员反馈

This programme enables us to travel through space and time. My takeaway here is that everything needs a good planning, whether it is the succession of family, wealth or business.课程不光是跨越了空间,也跨越了时间。我在这里学到不论是家族、财富、还是企业传承,凡事都要及早规划准备。

Jackson LIN 林劲

Skyworth Group 创维集团

Benefits 学习收益

  •  Family business leaders with new insights and enhanced management, strategy and innovation skills, better equipped to envision and execute on the future for their family businesses
  •  Application of these insights/ tools in your individual contexts for tangible outcomes and implementation
  •  A strong network of program graduates that can generate learning, career and investment opportunities
  •  Invitation to alumni events
  •  5 MIT Sloan program day credits that count towards an Executive Certificate or Advanced Certificate
  •  Eligibility to apply for Associate Alumni status and enjoy benefits and services available for Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
  • 引导家族企业领导者获得新的洞察,提高管理能力,掌握战略和创新技巧,规划未来并实施贯彻
  • 结合企业特点,学以致用,形成实效
  • 校友同学之间形成网络,创造更多交流互鉴、投资兴业的新机遇
  • 受邀参加家族企业课程校友活动
  • 结业后将获得北京大学光华管理学院、牛津大学赛德商学院商界校友身份
  • 同时将获得麻省理工学院斯隆商学院五日学分(可计入高级或进阶管理证书课程)

Programme outline 课程设置

You will examine successful and sustainable family firms in a rich, three-module learning experience on three continents,taught in both Chinese and English with simultaneous translation. 通过三大洲三个模块的沉浸式学习探索成功永续的家族企业,中英双语授课,并配以同声传译。

Module 1 北京模块

High Performing Family Companies in China (Date TBC- Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Beijing, China)

Explore the features of a typical family business, analyse the issues that frequently arise, and begin to examine how successful family firms have addressed those challenges. Assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, plan for stabilisation and growth, and refine and articulate aspirations for the future.

  • Building a successful family business in China
  • Ensuring family and family business success over generations
  • Designing governance for the business, ownership group and the family
  • Growing a family business in the midst of a changing political and economic climate in China and globally
  • Planning for and managing succession
  • Assessing your life and career goals and their t with the family business

优秀华人家族企业日期待定- 北京大学,光华管理学院 中国,北京)


  • 打造成功的华人家族企业
  • 确保家族和企业代际传承、长盛不衰
  • 设计家族企业、持股集团和家族自身的治理模式
  • 应对国内国际政经变局,实现家族企业基业长青
  • 做好继任规划,妥善贯彻实施
  • 思考人生和职业目标,评估其与家族企业的契合度

Module 2 牛津模块

Growing and Transforming the Family Company (Date TBC - Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK

Examine how businesses innovate across borders. Learn how to recognize your firm’s intrinsic advantages and bolster its capacity for innovation, within the firm and with partners, to build new market opportunities.

  • Understanding your industry and how your company competes in it
  • Going from local to global
  • Identifying a compelling purpose for your company, your family and yourself
  • The importance of responsible ownership in the 21st Century
  • Growing and changing your family company
  • Using governance to set direction and solve problems
  • Creating a strong family team
  • Assessing your best role in the family enterprise

家族企业的发展与转型(日期待定 - 牛津大学赛德商学院 英国,牛津)


  • 了解行业特点,探寻竞争之道
  • 制胜本土,进军全球
  • 确定宗旨目标,引导企业、家族和本人
  • 负责任的所有制在21世纪的重大意义
  • 家族企业发展和变革
  • 做好治理,设定方向,解决问题
  • 建设坚强有力的家族团队
  • 探讨个人在家族企业的最佳角色

Module 3 波士顿模块

Managing Change, Innovation and Transitions(Date TBC - Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, U.S.)

You will explore how to adapt to technological change and other global forces that are shaping business, manage the change process in your company, build your organisation, sustain growth and grow value, and develop yourself as a business leader.

  • Adapting to industry disruption and technological change
  • Creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Achieving economic and social objectives in your family company
  • Leading significant change in the family company
  • Following the founder in the family company
  • Thinking like an owner
  • Assessing your personal development needs


管理变革、创新和转型日期待定 - 麻省理工学院斯隆商学院 美国,马萨诸塞州,波士顿)


  • 适应行业颠覆和技术变革
  • 营造创新创业文化
  • 统筹经济和社会目标
  • 领导家族企业重大变革
  • 跟随家族企业的创业者
  • 像主人翁那样思考
  • 评估个人发展需求

Participants perspective 学员反馈


Participant Profile 目标学员

2019 LTFB Discussion
  • This program is ideal for leaders of established Chinese family-run businesses from any industry that are reaching milestones in their growth and seeking new strategies for driving long-term success. 
  • Participants should be family members involved in strategic decision-making and organisational design. They may represent any family business with Chinese origins, whether it operates in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or overseas. The program welcomes individuals with at least 3 years of post-college business experience, or leadership teams.


  • 本课程适合来自各行各业的华人家族企业,特别是那些业务已经初具规模,渴望寻求全新战略以实现长期成功的家族。
  • 学员应为来自中国大陆、港澳台和海外华裔家族企业成员,并参与企业的组织设计和决策制定,至少拥有三年管理经验。

Joining the programme 申请报名

How to apply 报名方法

Candidates may submit an application form and consult with the programme manager and request the application form via email or WeChat (ID: Jun_Cao_). Applications are requested at least one week before the program start date. Qualified candidates are admitted on a rolling, space-available basis, and early application is encouraged.

您可以通过邮件或者微信 (ID:Jun_Cao_ ) 联系项目负责人咨询项目并递交报名表。入学申请应至少在开课前一周提交。合格的候选人将被陆续录取直至额满为止,因此建议您尽早报名。

Programme fee 课程学费

$47,500 USD

The fee covers tuition, books, case materials, accommodation and most meals. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. If admission is within 30 days prior to the start of the program, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice. Cancellation policies are outlined in the information provided to applicants upon admission.



Admissions requirements 录取要求

Admission is selective and based on professional achievement and organisational responsibility. No formal educational requirements apply. Executive Education programmes enhance the leadership capacity of the managers enrolled as well as their organisations and full commitment is expected from both.

Please note that attendance at all three modules is mandatory for successful completion of this program. Applications for a single module will not be accepted.



Language 授课语言

To ensure the most comprehensive learning experience, this program is taught in both Chinese and English with simultaneous translation. Participants will preselect either Chinese or English for their classroom materials. When forming discussion groups, programme administrators consider each participant’s language capabilities to ensure the optimal group interaction.


What our alumni say 学员反馈

This program provides me with structured knowledge about the operation of family businesses and many lifelong friendships. 课程很好的帮我梳理了家族企业的经营管理,最重要的是通过这三个模块,收获了一帮好朋友和终生的友谊 。

Janice LI 李雅娟

Shanxi Jinhui Energy Group 山西金晖能源集团有限公司

2019 Testimonial 2019 学员访谈

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