Oxford Programme on Negotiation

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Realise your full potential as a negotiator

Start dates:


  • 5 days

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Oxford


  • £7,800 plus accommodation

About the programme

Develop deep insights into what is really going on during negotiations.

You will analyse complex case studies and practise what you learn through role-plays based on Oxford and other simulations. This will enable you to develop a robust framework for successful future negotiations. 

Working with experienced faculty and tutors, you will take an objective look at your own negotiating style, reflect on past negotiations and experiment with new approaches.

Participants come from a wide range of geographical, cultural and organisational backgrounds, bringing a very real and valuable diversity to the debate. Exchanging ideas and experiences with a diverse group of participants, as well as a range of practitioners and academics, will help you understand negotiating across cultures and different perspectives.

Core themes:

  • Understanding decision-making in negotiations - how to negotiate rationally in a non-rational world
  • Group decision-making in negotiations
  • Negotiating in multi-party situations
  • Communicating persuasively in negotiations
  • Negotiating in a changing environment
  • Trust and ethics in negotiation 
  • Negotiating successfully across cultures
  • The significance of context and negotiations within organisations

An introduction to the programme


Meet the faculty

Oxford brings together negotiation experts from across the world who examine research-based principles, strategies and methods for developing and implementing successful agreements. 

Meet the tutors and speakers

Our tutors and evening speakers bring their diverse range of negotiation experience to the programme, adding unparalleled depth.

Alumni stories

Past participants talk about the programme's impact on them and their organisations.

The programme lived up to my expectations and I was able to benefit from it immediately with improved results in my relationships and negotiations with suppliers and clients alike.

Ian Milne

Founder, Nengli Global

The power of three

power of three

Deb-B Seven Chew reflects on her experience of participating in three Oxford executive education programmes back-to-back, including the Oxford Programme on Negotiation.


To you

  • Evaluate your skills and develop a plan to maximise your potential
  • Work with tutors to understand your own negotiating style
  • Master subconscious biases

To your business

  • Approach multi-party and multi-cultural negotiations with confidence
  • Gain co-operation and reach consensus
  • Achieve better results with all stakeholders


Our three-part webinar series gets under the skin of trust and reciprocity, major negotiation challenges and cross-cultural negotiations.