Delivering Value Through Digital

Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme
Enhance the value of your digital strategy through data-driven insight and decision-making.
Start date:
  • 4 days
Time commitment:
  • Short programme
  • Oxford


  • £6,000 + £869 for accommodation

About the programme

Take a deep dive to understand what really matters to your business from a global perspective, and develop a purposeful, strategic approach to delivering value

Senior managers in organisations across industries and geographies face increasingly challenging decisions around their digital investments as opportunities such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Voice become more accessible and more familiar to customers.

Which technologies should I invest in? Is now the right time? How do customers want to interact with us as an organisation? How do I communicate the value of these digital investments? How do I know if my investment is delivering value back to the business?

This programme provides senior managers with the foundational understanding needed to make decisions surrounding digital opportunities that enhance the experience of their customers and deliver increased value across the organisational value chain.

Driven by cutting-edge insights from the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative and Melbourne Business School’s Centre for Business Analytics, the programme allows you to engage with the latest academic research supported by industry experts from some of the world’s leading organisations.

This collaborative approach will help you understand and lead effective digital transformation in your organisation from a global perspective, ultimately helping you to compete better in the market-place.

Introduction to the programme

woman at computer in meeting

Meet the speakers

The programme also brings in industry experts from global brands to talk about their expertise and experiences. This years 2019 speakers included: 

Phil Sutcliffe

Phil Sutcliffe

UK Board Director, Offer and Innovation, Kantar
Sam Crossman

Sam Crossman

Chief Digital Officer, L’Oréal UK & Ireland
Sarah Helppi

Sarah Helppi

Marketing Director, eBay UK

What our alumni say

I've become an advocate of fully fleshing out the customer journeys and understanding the digital data crumbs along the way. The business is realising the value of investing in those pieces of work, and will definitely be seeing impact from that.

Relationship Marketing Manager

Latitude Financial Services


Day 1 - Foundations of digital marketing and analytics

  • Core principles and latest thinking
  • Digital disruption and transformation of marketing
  • Analytics based thinking and developing an 'Analytics mindset'
  • Current thinking on data privacy, ethics and security

Day 2 - Customers and their data

  • Data sources, collection and quality
  • Advances in data-driven customer insights
  • Mapping customer journeys
  • Applications to customer-related decisions

Day 3 - Advertising and media

  • Advances in data-driven advertising, including programmatic approaches
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing: advertising, content, and influencers
  • Media mix models, attribution models and marketing experiments (A/B testing)

Day 4 - Managing digital transformation and the future

  • the future of digital marketing and analytics
  • exploiting new digital technologies
  • digital transformation of business


To you

  • Develop a robust and effective data-driven digital strategy
  • Deliver improved customer experiences and return on digital investment
  • Gain exposure to digital analytics in the wider business environment
  • Enhance your ability to articulate the value of digital investments to your stakeholders
  • Understand the impact of digitisation on customer decision-making processes

To your organisation

  • Utilise customer data to increase return on investment across the organisational value chain
  • Confidently navigate the hype and excitement that surrounds new technologies
  • Enhanced use of data insights to improve customer interaction and engagement
  • Establish a culture of data-driven decision making

Is the programme right for you?

The programme is designed for:

  • Senior managers with responsibility for digital investments in marketing, customer experience and organisational growth.
  • Heads of functions and departments with responsibility for marketing from a non-marketing background seeking to understand and improve the effectiveness of their digital strategy.
  • Head of customer-facing teams, departments and functions seeking to improve the return on the digital strategy.
  • Managers or consultants who work with or advise customer-facing teams and need to better understand digital and analytics.

Experience: minimum of 5 years experience in a managerial position

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Joining the programme


Programme fee includes all tuition, education materials, all daytime refreshments and evening meals: £5,500

Accommodation fee: £869

Total: £6,369

Confirmation of attendance is subject to receipt of full payment of the programme fee. Places are allocated in order of receipt of payment.

Corporate privileges

Take advantage of our corporate partner rate (15%) if three or more people from your organisation take part.

Further benefits for organisations are available when three or more participants attend one of our executive programmes within 12 months.

Visa requirements

Once you have a confirmed place on a programme, we suggest you apply for a visa as soon as possible, as it can take up to 100 days to process.

We can provide a letter to support your visa application if required.

Terms & conditions

FT rankings 2020

Our Open Programmes have risen to number two in the world, and maintained their position as first in the UK for the sixth consecutive year in the 2020 FT Executive Education Rankings.