Corporate Affairs Academy

Connecting reputation with strategy and business performance

Start date: October 2021


  • 18 hours virtual + 3.5 days on-campus

Time commitment:

  • Short programme


  • Live virtual
  • Oxford


  • £9,750

About the programme

Improve the impact of corporate affairs across your organisation.

The Corporate Affairs Academy is designed exclusively for senior corporate affairs directors of major international companies and we accept people on the programme who are already in the role and operating at the most senior level in the department.

Membership is by invitation only for a period of one year and will be open to a limited number of senior Corporate Affairs and Communications Executives from major corporations around the world.

Informed and strategic corporate affairs activity helps create significant business value and prepares organisations to best recover from downside risks and crises. Organisations operating in fast paced information overload environments are counting on corporate affairs professionals to make the judgements that are required to build long term success.

Participants benefit from a balance of leading academic research and functional best practices.

The Academy focuses on three core, interrelated themes:

  1. Reputation research, theory and thinking
  2. Reputation engagement, trends and practices
  3. Professional development as reputation experts; high-value purpose, practices and resources

For 2021/2022 the Academy is delivered over four modules; the first three will be delivered virtually with live online sessions between Autumn 2021 - Summer 2022, the final module will be on-campus in Oxford.

You will be equipped with practical steps for immediate implementation in your organisation.

Run by the Oxford University Centre for Corporate Reputation - our aim is to enable you to make a more strategic and valuable contribution to your business by providing you with an opportunity to connect with the latest academic research in the field and share experiences, ideas, and best practice with expert faculty and a global peer group of Corporate Affairs Directors.

If you would like to be considered for the Corporate Affairs Academy, please contact Miriam McGilvray.

An introduction to the programme


Meet the faculty

The programme is taught by a mix of academic faculty and senior practitioners comprising current CEOs and Chairs of large, global, public and private corporations. Led by Rupert Younger, founder and director of the Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and a leading commentator on reputation matters. Alongside Rupert is Associate Fellow, Stewart Prosser, a highly experienced Corporate Affairs and Communications practitioner and mentor.

Industry experts and speakers

Every year we welcome new insights from other members of faculty from within the School, industry experts and external speakers who offer invaluable learnings to you and your cohort.

What our alumni say

A fantastically designed and executed programme. The insightful academic principles were perfectly balanced with examples of practical application into day-to-day business and how these can be implemented in the CA function.

Lewis Roberts

Head of Government Affairs (Europe) at CH2M


To you

  • Develop senior corporate affairs contacts globally
  • Opportunity to shape the future of corporate affairs
  • Enhanced impact at board level
  • Ongoing access to the latest research and events

To your business

  • Enhanced strategic direction
  • Improved business performance
  • Strategies to minimise risk

Programme outline

Module one (Virtual)

Opening plenary: 'Introduction and strategic challenges'. Autumn 2021

Breakout tutorial groups

Second plenary: 'Insight sharing and debate'. March 2022

The introductory module will anchor the roles and responsibilities of the Corporate Affairs function to the latest insights, tools and techniques available to senior professionals in the field. Drawing on peer reviewed research in behavioural insights, network structures and narrative strategies, the plenary session will set up a series of in-depth breakout sessions where these core themes and strategies will be further developed. These breakout sessions will be led by faculty tutors and will result in short insight papers from each group. The breakout groups will reconvene in March to share and discuss the insights generated.   

Module two (Virtual)

Presentation and panel discussion: 'The Oxford-Globescan Corporate Affairs survey 2022”.  Spring 2022

As a complement to our Academy Cohort discussions, this module brings in external perspectives from past members of the Academy and other global corporate affairs leaders. This event will have two parts: first, a presentation sharing the initial findings from the from 2022 Oxford-GlobeScan Corporate Affairs Survey; and second, a moderated panel discussion on these findings with corporate affairs leaders. These insights will immediately be available to members of the Academy to use and share with their colleagues, and will be supplemented by a written summary which will be shared shortly after the event.

Module three (Virtual)

Mondays in May: 'The power of the function”.  May 2022

We will bring insights from reputation, leadership, trust, governance, responsible business and purpose to develop a clear understanding around how to organise and articulate the function. High performing functional leaders are able to do this well, explaining the meta-power of these social approval assets on firm performance.   

Module four (On-campus)

Summer 2022

This in person capstone aims to achieve a number of important final objectives. First, it provides an opportunity for members of the Academy to meet in person, and to share in a semi-structured environment their insights and issues with peers. Second, it will be an opportunity for the faculty to hold deep dive in person sessions on the issues surfaced during the Academy year. Third, we will invite leaders from business, the professions, government and the NGO sectors to share their own perspectives on some of the themes discussed during the year. We will also explore the unique scholarly environment that is Oxford, with in-College dining and other cultural events. 


The Corporate Affairs Academy Report

View report

Find out about the research from the programme.

The 2019 Corporate Affairs Academy met twice in Oxford – in April and October. Our Corporate Affairs Academy 2019 report summarises these sessions, capturing the core connecting insights and recommendations that help the function to truly demonstrate its strategic value.

The Defining purpose, driving engagement (2019) report has been created Senior Corporate Affairs Executives.

You may be interested in these insights from previous programmes' reports:

Oxford-GlobeScan Survey Report

View report

The 2020 Oxford-GlobeScan Corporate Affairs Survey is our first report in partnership with GlobeScan.

This supplements the webinar presentation on Wednesday 24 June 2020 attended by over 500 people from the global corporate affairs community.

It captures the views and insights of over 200 senior professionals who were surveyed between February and April 2020 on issues and themes of relevance to the corporate affairs function. A smaller group of over 80 professionals was asked a set of supplementary questions in June 2020 to better understand the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on corporate affairs.

The 2020 Oxford-GlobeScan survey report has been created in collaboration with GlobeScan for members of the platform.

Is the programme right for you?

Miriam McGilvray

The Corporate Affairs Academy is for senior corporate affairs directors of major international companies. 

If you would like to apply to join the Academy or have any questions please contact Miriam McGilvray.


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Our Open Programmes have risen to number two in the world, and maintained their position as first in the UK for the sixth consecutive year in the 2020 FT Executive Education Rankings.


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