Class profile

Diploma class deep in discussion

Experienced executives with a global focus

Designed for experienced executives with a good first degree or equivalent, and at least five years’ work experience

Participants will typically have at least 10 years of work experience and are likely to be working in a global role or looking to take up a position with a global focus and seeking to enhance their skills to operate successfully in today’s global business environment.

Although the UK is always well represented, in a typical class the majority of participants are based overseas and fly in and out of Oxford for the modules. This ensures that class discussions are lively and are not dominated by any particular country bias.

Diploma participants are typically:

  • Those with ambition to develop their careers to the highest level and move into a more senior role with global responsibilities
  • Entrepreneurs and owner-managers looking to expand their business globally
  • Middle or senior managers involved in global strategy planning and implementation
  • Advisors and management consultants
  • CEOs and general managers
  • Managers in large corporations or those working in businesses that address global issues or work across countries such as law, policy making, business development, accountancy, PR and marketing, compliance and risk management
  • Managers in international organisations such as European Commission, NGOs, not-for-profit sector, governments or charities.