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Women Transforming Leadership

Women Transforming Leadership

An experiential journey

"This programme is designed to do what it says in the title: to help women leaders to transform their leadership, to develop a wider range of leadership approaches which they are confident to deploy in their context. We need the diversity of styles which women leaders use. This will help to transform the idea of what successful leadership looks like"

Kathryn Bishop

Kathryn Bishop, Programme Director, Women Transforming Leadership Programme


Introduction to peer coaching

'Very valuable – Sarah was an extremely insightful coach, matched to my area of expertise / sector. I have a concrete set of actions to put into place, which will really address the issue with which I presented.'

Caroline Holmes, Partner, Moore Stephens, UK


'I enjoyed very much my session - Amanda was a wonderful and highly experienced coach. I felt inspired and motivated for changing directions and letting go of old habits. I’d love the opportunity for more sessions with her.'

Mariana Katzarova, Founder and Chair, RAW in WAR (Reach All Women in War), UK




A strategy for you

'I hope to apply the strategy and intent to my current business plan and vision. I was looking for a ‘vehicle’ to drive me to an end result / outcome and this session was very helpful in framing it.'

Amel Najjar, Executive Director, Children of War Foundation, USA


'Every session of ‘A Strategy for You’ was rich in content and insight. The Programme Educators provided excellent resources, along with insightful instruction for personal application. The sessions were highly valuable and will enable me to transform within my context.'

Rebecca Jackson, Digital Buying - North America, Nike, USA


Psychometric profiling

'I have never performed any tests like this so it was an eye-opener, confirming some aspects of me that I am aware of and bringing out other sides I have not reflected on. This test was critical for me to start reflecting over my own leadership and the test profile has been useful to get back to throughout the week.'

Petronella Kettunen, Research Group Leader and Co-director at Centre for Cognitive Medicine, University of Gothenburg, Sweden



What do we know? Women and leadership in the 21st Century

'This was the best group discussion I’ve been involved in. Often this style is used in corporate training but is ineffective. What was different here was that the presenters seemed to have a genuine question they wanted input on. Also the topic was one we were warmed up to through the previous two days so we had contributions to make - it wasn’t just the product of off the cuff thoughts.'

Catherine Hobbs, Head of Department, University of the West of England, UK

'I am not alone….despite different culture and background, we face similar challenges as leaders.'

Nooritawati Md. Tahir, Director, Research Innovation Business Unit, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

'This open conversation amongst such a diverse group of women was invaluable. It was very interesting to try and dissect what were learned behaviour vs natural. I hope to take part in your further research on this topic.'

Amy Young, Top Partner Lead, Google Inc., USA


Women influencing and negotiating

'This was a very valuable lecture. I had selected negotiation among my ‘resistant limitations’ the lecture before but with Alison’s step-wise lecture of tools and our own training up to the point of negotiation proved that (1) I can work on this; (2) I have remembered many times when I have very successfully negotiated! I also started thinking of the fact that I seldom make use of the other part’s needs in my negotiations and it could be much easier if I included that. Win-win.'

Petronella Kettunen, Research Group Leader and Co-director at Centre for Cognitive Medicine, University of Gothenburg, Sweden



Wicked problems and clumsy solutions

'This session had a very good approach. What made it more effective was the fact that the participants were fully engaged and ‘in character'

Inah Fuentes, Head of Strategic Development and Training, Sun Life Asset Management Co. Inc., Philippines


'Very enjoyable session - full of humour and ideas. I liked very much Dr Harrison’s style of teaching and the role plays were very interesting and engaging.'

Mariana Katzarova, Founder and Chair, RAW in WAR (Reach All Women in War), UK

Sustainable leadership: As you like it

'This session helped me solidify some areas of my personality and leadership style that I need to allow others to help me with so I can give up time spent on them and put effort towards new skills development. Also helped me connect deeper with course colleagues. Lovely!'

Marisa Sterling, Assistant Dean, Inclusivity and Diversity, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University, UK

'Shakespeare brought to life in a whole new way. I am going to look for his plays. As much as I love reading, these are not something I would reach for as a first option. Totally loved the session'

Agnes Sakala, Zanaco, Zambia

'Excellent session - Phyllida was fantastic and really explained everything well and brought leadership themes into it. The forest session was also very liberating and small group sessions very bonding.'

Samantha Sawyer, Legal Director, Amey, UK




A strategy for you: Your leadership blueprint

'The time and space was valuable - even if I spent time on strategic planning rather than specific leadership issues - this was the most urgent task arising from the week that is impacting the development of my leadership style.'

Caroline Holmes, Partner, Moore Stephens, UK

Programme Community

A participant's view

“This programme is the best programme I have ever attended. I love it so much that I will advertise to all the other women leaders I know.”

Yini Zhang, Co-founder, Scalized, UK

A participant's view

“Life changing. Transforming. Revelational. It was a privilege to have been here in the midst of a great programme and great women! I've never been on such a course before - so much personal touch! The teaching staff were outstanding. Kathryn - amazing!”

Dr Vijay Kunadian, Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University and Honorary Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Freeman Hospital, UK

A participant's view

“In providing a clear direction and reflecting and designing a personal blueprint, whilst having the benefit of engaging with ladies from across the globe, facing similar challenges, this experience enriched my life. It will contribute significantly to the improvement of my EQ abilities.”

Elmarie Joynt, Group Legal Counsel & Group Company Secretary, Senwes, South Africa

A participant's view

“The programme has exceeded my expectations. I have loved the diversity of roles and cultures of other participants and the many opportunities to network. I have felt that the faculty value the programme and participants highly and have felt welcomed and valued as a participant.”

Jane Butler, Head of Clinical Education, Health Education England, UK