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Women Transforming Leadership

How will I learn?

At the core of the programme is the development of a personal leadership blueprint or a 'strategy for you.' 

A psychometric profile generated at the very beginning of the week will start you thinking about your own leadership style. You will build on this during the strategy sessions, personal coaching, discussions with other participants and experiential learning to create a personal, detailed, workable strategy and action plan for your future.

The Oxford approach to learning is not about giving instruction, but about providing stimuli and structuring conversations so that you make connections and develop your thinking independently. Women Transforming Leadership brings together a number of different teaching styles and experiential opportunities to create a rich and intense learning environment. This encourages you to push yourself both intellectually and emotionally to develop greater insight and confidence.

Some sessions work by taking you out of your comfort zone, so you do have to be open to trying something new, but these exercises all take place in a safe and supportive environment. Previous participants have said that reflecting on what they found difficult or did “wrong” gave them some of their most important insights into themselves and their usual work environment.

A taste of some of the sessions on the programme include:

  • Understanding and changing mindsets: An exploration of negotiation and the differences between how men and women negotiate.
  • Mythodrama: An actor will walk you through a Shakespeare play and look at the different personalities and how to navigate around them. Develop your understanding of characters and implications.
  • Managing a board/senior leadership scenario: How to work on an elevated pitch, and a focus on the techniques and tools to network to bring in experts in the field.
  • Analysis of networking and contributing: A focus on the patterns of behaviour and what women can do to counteract those patterns in certain situations. 
  • Social impact: Look at how women can help other women in their organisations, in the wider community and internationally.


Sample timetable

A participant's view

"The most important thing to come out of the programme for me is that I now understand my own leadership style and realise that I can make it work."

Suzyo Ngandu
Bank Secretary,
Zambia National Commercial Commercial Bank plc,


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