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Women Transforming Leadership

Strategy for You

One of the highlights of the Women Transforming Leadership Programme are the 'Strategy For You' sessions. As a key focus during each morning participants take time to concentrate on their strategy and defining this for their leadership in rising to current challenges, drawing on analysis of their experience, their strengths and skills, their preferences and development plans. 

The workshop outcome is the development of a leadership blueprint, prepared by each participant, capturing their assessment of themselves and their answers to 4 specific strategic questions:

  1. Where is my leadership style likely to be most effective?  (in other words, what kind of challenges am I well equipped to face and what challenges will require me to broaden my leadership style?)

  2. How have I developed as a leader so far and what have I learnt?

  3. What’s my intent or purpose as a leader and do I have the capabilities I need?

  4. What are my choices for developing further as a leader?

Led by Programme Director, Kathryn Bishop, participants develop their leadership blueprint drawing on well-researched strategic frameworks used by organisations for their corporate strategy development, and apply these to their individual situations and development plans.

The sessions are highly interactive, and often involve peer coaching in pairs allowing each participant to assess and analyse their own experience and skills with the benefit of a different perspective from a fellow participant.


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