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Oxford Social Finance Programme

Webinar: Introducing the Oxford Social Finance Programme

Impact Investing, venture philanthropy, and corporate engagement with purpose are all crucial to the future of Social Finance. Individually, they have vast potential but it’s only when they work together collectively, do they become more than the individual sum of their parts. Uniting these resources will enable us to tackle the greatest challenges of our time—climate change, poverty alleviation, food security, sustainable cities, gender equality.

In this webinar, programme Co-directors Alex Nicholls and Gayle Peterson are in conversation with Dean Peter Tufano. 

The discussion will explored a number of key questions including: 

Why is Social Finance critical in addressing the world’s greatest problems? How is it different from Impact Investing? 

How can creative, blended capital and innovative cross-sector partnerships take global solutions to scale? 

How is our trendsetting research shaping the field of Social Finance?

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5-9 Nov 2018


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