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Why are there insufficient resources for social entrepreneurs?

Current market mechanisms are poorly organised to deliver the flow of resources social entrepreneurs need. Yet, access to these resources is critically important.

We look to find emerging models and structures of social finance and develop new thinking on what the future of performance-based social investment could look like.

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Journal article
Across the world, a new landscape of social investment has been developing rapidly over the last 10-15 years, yet there has not been an academic study of the phenomenon to date. This paper aims to address this important gap in social entrepreneurship research with new empirical and theoretical work.
Working paper
This report provides a holistic account of the state of play in the emerging field of social investment, defined as the flow of resources – either market or non-market generated – that fulfils the funding needs of organisations that primarily create social or environmental value.
Working paper
This working paper is the first in a series which explores the expansion of high engagement philanthropy in Europe.
Working paper
This paper reviews existing work on social capital markets, develops an overview of current innovations, and offers and agenda for research and development.
Working paper
An ethical exchange could be as supportive of an enterprise's profitability as it is of its social value.

Blended value investing: innovations in real estate

Joshua Spitzer, Jed Emerson & Jacob Harold
Financial returns & social value
Between financial investments and philanthropy lie opportunities that create both financial returns and environmental and social value.
Working paper
This paper offers an overview of how environmental factors might be integrated into companies’ financial valuation. More speculatively, it suggests ways in which a blended value investor could potentially attain equal or better financial returns than traditional investors agnostic to the environmental implications of their investments.

Risk taking capital

Various authors
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
As increasing numbers of social entrepreneurs and mission-based financiers seek to enter the field, a question arises: can the sector develop new instruments and stakeholder relationships to meet this challenge?
Working paper
This working paper examines the ‘value add’ of venture philanthropy – the advisory services provided to social purpose organisations together with financial support.
Social innovation

Is there a new way of addressing the big global issues?

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Performance & impact

Just how legitimate are social entrepreneurs?

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