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Oxford Social Finance Programme

Oxford Social Finance Programme


In Oxford you will create a social finance strategy and plan of action for your specific context. You will analyse real time cases using an approach designed to maximise team learning and collaborative problem solving.

Prior to the programme, you will have access to cases and study guides including videos and webinars from our CEO Leadership Circle series in which C-Suite executives share first hand experiences of taking social finance solutions to scale.

Day one: global innovations - taking social finance solutions to scale

  • Build a common language and nomenclature based on cutting edge, global research.
  • Define scale and ways to measure impact for Big Bets - high risk, bold investiments.
  • Examine leadership and governance strategies to scale.
  • Case study: a $1Bn investment on climate mitigation - what can go wrong and what can go right?

Day two: global Silicon Valley models for scale

  • Share research Layered Capital Approaches.
  • Dive deep into social finance tools: catalytic philanthropy, programme and mission related investments, donor advised funds, and new approaches including Zuckerberg-Chan LLC model and Jack Ma Trusts.
  • Explore technology strategies used to accelerate large scale change.
  • Tap endowments to sustain and scale country-wide and global movements.
  • Case study: rebuild cities, eliminate poverty.

Day three: scale through innovative carbon finance

  • Research climate finance strategies.
  • Build public-private partnerships Canada-wide and Commonwealth-wide to reshape climate change outcomes.
  • Balance scale with needs of pension funds and banks with cultural needs of indigenous people.
  • Examine policy interventions for diverse collaborations.
  • Case study: Canada and Commonwealth strategies for sustainable finance and carbon efficiency.

Day four: corporate drivers for scale

  • Discuss research on social impact bonds and policy.
  • Examine the impact of India's Corporate Social Responsibility law on improving the lives of women and children and creating new capital through philanthropy, impact investing and social impact bonds.
  • Case study: reform the global textile industry to promote worker wellbeing.
  • Analyse ways to use an environmental and social profit and loss accounts.

Day five: technology and finance innovation for scale

  • Explore crowd funding and co-finance models.
  • Finalise action plan and impact measures for social finance to scale.
  • Pitch of your scale strategy.
  • Establish post-programme networking goals.
Participant thoughts

"A blend of unique practice, fundamental knowledge and new innovative and professional approaches. The programme will not only provide you with a strong base but also with perspectives which previously you have not seen."

Maria Bulygina
Project Manager, vice-director
Endowment Fund of National Research Tomsk State University