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Oxford Social Finance Programme

Eager to build a better world?

The question now is: What is the next step? How can we use finance in creative ways to tackle global problems such as climate change. How do we take all the good work that is being done in social enterprises and scale it?

Gayle Peterson

Gayle Peterson, Programme Director of our Impact Investing & Social Finance Programmes

Oxford Saïd is the first business school in the world to offer a comprehensive suite of executive programmes focusing on impact investing, impact measurement and social finance. We draw on the latest research conducted through the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship by Professor Alex Nicholls, our Academic Director. Alex released the first comprehensive book on Social Finance.

You will be surrounded by a group of deeply committed, intensely curious colleagues, eager to build a better world. You will be immersed in academic rigour and will study ambitious, disruptive global initiatives intended to drive solutions to scale.

Scale here is defined as Big Bet or Grand Challenge, deals that require significant investment of resources - the multi-millions, billions or trillions of dollars needed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals or Climate Change interventions, or have a significant scope (city-wide, country-wide, or global impact).

Our social impact alumni network is a globally diverse group of industry pioneers, representing 56 nationalities and 54 work countries across all 7 continents

We invite you to develop your social finance strategy with us.

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Change is needed


'The stakes for society have risen. In a world that tolerates disrespect, we must be ever more respectful. Where effecting transactions is seen as more important than building relationships, we must create enduring bonds. Where progressive ideals may be forgotten, business must advance a sustainable and inclusive agenda. Where leadership is needed, we must inspire principled leaders.'

 Dean Peter Tufano

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5-9 Nov 2018


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