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Oxford Saïd Strategy, Risk and Reputation Programmes

Oxford’s executive education programmes in strategy, risk and reputation provide leaders of today and tomorrow with an opportunity to come together with an international peer group from diverse sectors to develop their strategic knowledge and expertise.

The programmes provide global best practice with University of Oxford thought leaders and industry pioneers from prominent organisations, giving in-depth practical insights and real life experience.

Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme

Does your future marketing strategy go beyond content marketing, big data and marketing automation? This programme is for senior marketers who need to take advantage of the new opportunities in the post-digital marketing age that we now live in, where digital marketing is just marketing, customers are constantly connected and  the number of marketing tools available to you is increasing at an increasing rate.

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Oxford Programme on Negotiation

How do you reach agreements that work? The Oxford Programme on Negotiation has been specifically designed to equip experienced professionals with the five skills of negotiation to reach agreements and resolve disputes. Join a truly international group of peers, expert speakers and faculty.

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Oxford Scenarios Programme

Strategic decisions often assume a ‘given’ context around the organisation, but what if the conditions of this context change - would these decisions be correct? Under what conditions could these assumptions be wrong and what new opportunities would yield from different assumptions? Scenarios planning explores the ‘what if’ to prepare against uncertain times. Use this programme to learn scenarios processes and test the robustness and implications of strategic decisions against several possible futures.

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Corporate Affairs Academy

Although most companies now realise the importance of reputation and have assigned responsibility for it to someone in a senior role, it is still not at the centre of strategic discussions. The Corporate Affairs Academy has been developed to give corporate affairs directors in major corporations, in particular in highly regulated industries, a deeper understanding of the nature of reputation, and to enable them to consider the reputational issues involved while dealing with all stakeholders. 

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Corporate Reputation and Executive Leadership

This is an exclusive programme specifically designed for senior functional and divisional leaders who are about to prepare for a move to a group leadership position. Corporate Reputation and Executive Leadership prepares senior executives for the unique challenges faced by group leaders by developing their understanding of the reputational dynamics at play and the part reputation plays in delivering organisational value.

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