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Oxford Impact Measurement Programme


Impact is what drives the people and organisations in impact investing and social finance, and distinguishes them from conventional investors and businesses. But, arguably, unless you are actively measuring your impact, you are not operating or managing in a way that fully reflects your social mission and goals

Karim Harji

Karim Harji, Programme Director, Oxford Impact Measurement Programme

Impact investing and social finance continue to gain traction and attention from across the private, public and social sectors. However, fundamental issues of impact are still unresolved. If 'impact' is the primary element that distinguishes impact investing from conventional investing (and similarly for social finance), how do we understand the nature of the impact that is being targeted, created, and actually delivered?

Our students will be challenged to answer these questions through first-hand access to cutting edge thinking and best practice methods in this area. You will develop a holistic understanding of the different perspectives of each stakeholder that is influenced or affected by impact questions, as well as learn to use a range of impact management and measurement tools and methods.

Surrounded by experienced and curious colleagues, students will explore the choices, trade-offs and opportunities posed by impact measurement.

Impact measurement is not simply a technical exercise; it requires leadership, collaboration, and informed action. We will blend academic rigour with practical case studies, designed to maximise team learning and collaborative problem solving.

We invite you to come and develop your impact measurement strategy and implementation plan with us.

Why measurement matters


'Impact measurement is about more than just collecting data. It involves understanding why impact matters and for whom, engaging in robust measurement and performance management practises, and making better decisions on behalf of all stakeholders.'

 Dean Peter Tufano

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Course length

5 days
Monday - Friday


9 - 13 July 2018


(accommodation not included)