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Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme

Oxford Strategic Marketing Programme


You will gain:

  • Access to a combination of the latest interdisciplinary Oxford thinking on marketing, accompanied by the research from the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative.
  • Time and thinking-space to refocus your marketing strategy within a safe space of small peer to peer group discussions.
  • New ways to build value through strategic marketing and branding actions and how to assess marketing performance through the lens of the five key strategic market-based assets.
  • The confidence and ability to lead your organisation through the digital transformation of marketing, and develop an appropriate and implementable strategic plan. 


Your organisation will gain:

  • The ability to redefine the structure and organisation of the marketing team – a critical part of successful marketing transformation.
  • An understanding of the relationship between creative and functional executives, cross-division relationships and the importance of shared goals and language.
  • A distinct competitive edge in the future of work, with a focus on the development of strategic marketing capabilities. 
  • An efficient and upskilled marketing team which is prepared for current and future marketing trends, and is more agile, data-driven, and digitally aware.
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5 day programme

Dates to be confirmed

Programme fee


(plus £798 for accommodation)

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