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Partnering with organisations

We partner with a range of organisations around the world who nominate their talent to participate in this programme. If you are responsible for people development and wish to find out how you can benefit from partnership, we hope that you will find the information below beneficial.

What is the programme?

This flagship executive programme is a powerful transformational experience designed for senior leaders and executives, with at least 10 years' leadership experience, to challenge their leadership assumptions and think deeply and creatively about the issues they face as a senior leader. The six-day residential programme covers the key areas of leadership knowledge and skills through immersive workshops, lectures, group work and action learning. It will also provide leaders with the opportunity to review their approach to leadership and discover more about themselves. Leaders will have both the time and space to re-examine how they lead, and gain fresh insight into how they tackle the challenges they face.


Who should you send?

The programme is designed for experienced senior leaders and executives with direct responsibility for leading large teams and making strategic decisions.

Participants find themselves facing leadership challenges they wish to share and address on the programme, whilst having the opportunity to re-examine their leadership assumptions.


C-Suite Executives; Directors; Governors; Heads; Managing Directors; Partners; Vice Presidents.

Leadership experience:

Participants have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in a leadership role.

Organisations represented: 

Participants come from many different types of organisations, in a range of different sectors and regions.

Some of our recent sponsors include:

Goldfields Post Office European Commission
Monash University Argonon Brookwood Financial Partners LLC
British Horse Racing Authority Anand Automotive Ltd. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
If you would like to discuss who from your organisation might benefit from this programme, please contact us


How do organisations benefit?

The Multiplier Effect

Executives who attend the programme cascade their learning through their teams and into the wider organisation. This multiplication of learning provides a strong and consistent leadership pipeline and improves return on investment.

Shared Learning, Shared Language

Those who attend will return with a shared understanding of how to move the organisation forward, and a shared language through which to communicate it.

Learning through Diversity

The programme convenes Leaders from all over the world working in a broad range of industries. This diversity of thought allows those who attend to think beyond the bounds of their organisation or geography and co-develop new and innovative ways to support the future success of their organisations.

A Person in the Camp

Those who attend from your organisation will share conversations and experiences with executives from some of the world's largest organisations giving your organisation unparalleled access to a wider business community, globally.


How do you get involved?

We would be happy to arrange a telephone conversation with you and/or your candidates to review how we can add value to your programme experience here in Oxford, and to plan how we can best customise their development.
Places on the programmes are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis taking into consideration the applicant's suitability for the programme and their objectives.
To secure places on the programme:
  • Your candidates will need to complete an application form
  • We would be delighted to raise an invoice for you in advance. This will secure places while your candidates complete their applications.
We will then work with your candidates on the admissions process.
The application takes around 30 minutes to complete and can be done online or if you would prefer a Microsoft Word or PDF application form please contact us


Corporate Partnerships 

Having several of your company’s leaders join our leadership programmes can enhance the impact on your organisation. Should your organisation wish to sponsor 3 or more attendees to join any of our open enrolment programmes a 15% discount will be applied to the standard programme fees.


Key information

Course length

6 days
Sunday - Friday


20 - 25 May 2018
2 - 7 December 2018


(programme fee £13,000 plus accommodation £650)

Corporate Partnerships

Sponsor 3 or more leaders to benefit from our 15% corporate discount.

Our Open Programmes have climbed to second worldwide in the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings, and for the fourth consecutive year we have maintained our number one position in the UK.

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