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The Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme will expose you to a broad range of models, ideas and practical experiences. This unconventional approach is deliberate - to challenge your leadership assumptions and encourage you to think deeply and creatively about the issues you face.

The Oxford approach

The programme draws on the humanities extensively to develop these areas – music, theatre, poetry, art are all used to bring new perspectives to the narrative of leadership. 

We aim to provide a highly personalised approach for senior executives on the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme where you'll experience:

  • Focused tutorials and sessions on practical leadership topics
  • Intellectual inputs - theories and perspectives, juxtaposed with experiential sessions such as music, theatre, poetry
  • Sharing challenges and debating new concepts and ideas together with tutors and an experienced and diverse peer group
  • Individual conversations with tutors and other faculty which focuses attention on the issues or themes that have the most personal relevance and are a means of helping you sort through the key strands of the leadership narrative that is emerging for you

The DNA of the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme is like no other programme. There is a rhythm to the week that moves from macro to micro, from global to personal and a momentum through each day that goes from the cerebral, the disruptive through the reflective and conversational to more experiential, metaphorical inputs.

The programme surprises people – but it’s often their own response to the week that surprises them more. They come away, experienced and skilled as they already were, nonetheless thinking somewhat differently about themselves and about their organisations."

Tracey Camilleri, Associate Fellow & Programme Director, Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme

Learning via Shakespeare

In this short film, Richard Olivier outlines how his mythodrama sessions provide a story framework to galvanise the learning leaders have gained from their time on the Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme.

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