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Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme

Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme

Programme outline

The Strategic Leadership Programme provides opportunities for you to examine your leadership challenges through different lenses and perspectives and to stop and reflect both personally and professionally.

“Am I the right leader? Now turn that question on its head. It’s not are you the right leader. You have been asked/invited to be leader. Why was I the right choice, what is about your strengths that you could use more in order to be a more effective leader.”

The Oxford Strategic Leadership Programme allows you time to reflect on different approaches to your immediate leadership challenges, but also time to consider longer term planning and purpose. You will return to your role refreshed and approaching your role with a new way of thinking.

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A participant's view

“On the programme you are surrounded by incredibly talented people. Some of those people are on the faculty and the others are fellow participants and there’s not actually much of a barrier between the two groups.”

Fiona Allan
Chief Executive Officer
Curve Theatre
United Kingdom

Oxford tutorial method

Hear Professor Sue Dopson, programme tutor, outlining the importance of the Oxford tutorial model and the small group sessions.