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Oxford Real Estate Programme

Oxford Real Estate Programme

Who should attend?

We have designed this programme for:

1.  Mid-career real-estate executives: You want a boost to your technical skills and to refresh your knowledge, bringing you up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of real estate.

You could be working for an international real estate service-firm, a private property owner, a sovereign wealth fund, international investment company, government investment organisation, insurance company or pension fund, real estate fund management business, real estate developer, a bank or other lender. 

2.  Non-real-estate professionals who have found themselves working in the sector: This includes architects, lawyers, accountants, and people working for facilities management companies. You will also find this programme useful if you have just joined a real estate business in a senior general management role, such as CFO, and need to get up to speed fast.

3.  New real estate owners: If you are a wealthy individual who is planning to invest in real estate, or if you have inherited large real estate holdings, perhaps through a family business, then this intensive programme will help you understand the sector and how it works.

The programme is structured in a way that mixes these groups of people together so that you can all learn from each other and get to understand the motivations and perspectives of other actors in the real estate sector. 

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