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Oxford Programme on Negotiation

Oxford Programme on Negotiation


The programme is a mix of interactive lectures and informal seminars that include case studies and simulations. These are written by faculty to ensure that they illustrate exactly the learning points being discussed. 

You will also receive individual feedback about your approach from our experienced tutors who work with you throughout the week.

This five-day programme focuses on:

  • Decision-making in negotiations - how to negotiate rationally in a non-rational world
  • Negotiating in multi-party situations
  • Group decision-making in negotiations
  • Communicating persuasively in negotiations
  • Negotiating in a changing environment
  • Trust and ethics in negotiation
  • Negotiating successfully across cultures
  • The significance of context and negotiations within organisations

Negotiation is not a competitive sport where the sole objective is winning.

Tim Cullen

Tim Cullen, Programme Director

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25 – 30 November 2018

Programme fee


(plus £869 for accommodation)

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