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Oxford Programme on Negotiation

Oxford Programme on Negotiation


During your week in Oxford, you will take an objective look at your own negotiating style, reflect on past negotiations and experiment with new learnings. Working with feedback from our highly experienced tutors, you will develop frameworks and structure to optimise your next negotiations. You will also have the opportunity to meet world leading negotiators who join us as evening speakers, as well as our negotiation panelists who include high profile representatives from politics, journalism and academia.   

Benefits for you and your organisation

  • Analyse complex negotiation situations to identify key interests and relationships
  • Avoid costly errors in your own thinking habits and those of others
  • Use persuasion to alter situations 
  • Re-frame issues to support your and your organisation's goals
  • Understand the roles that mediators and third parties can play in negotiations
  • Evaluate your skills and develop a plan to reach your full potential as a negotiator
  • More adept at achieving consensus and co-operation
  • Able to achieve better results with clients, customers, suppliers, regulators, donors and the public
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25 – 30 November 2018

Programme fee


(plus £869 for accommodation)

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