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Oxford Chicago Valuation Programme

Oxford Chicago Valuation Programme

The power of a combined network

The programme has been structured to allow you to work directly with as many of your fellow participants as possible, to gain from their experience and to make contacts that you can draw on long after the programme has finished through programme dinners in future iterations, where all previous participants will be welcome to network and share their insights.  You will gain access to a truly global community of both participants and speakers through the existing networks that only Chicago Booth and Oxford University can convene.

Chicago Booth’s global footprint

The Booth community comprises more than 49,000 alumni in 113 countries. Our alumni hail from every industry and habitable continent, and are actively engaged with Booth in their communities and abroad. More than 8,780 Booth alumni are business owners, CEOs, and top officers in firms worldwide, who continue to have enduring impact in the global business landscape.

Research and Learning Centers

Chicago Booth is famous for producing groundbreaking research, a great deal of which is conducted under the auspices of our research centers—which in turn are a draw for recruiting top faculty. Through developing courses and curricula—as well as hosting talks and events—our research and learning centers are valuable resources for students and alumni at each of our global locations.

The Oxford Business Alumni Network

The OBA Network is Saïd Business School's official global business alumni network. It brings together individuals from the School and Oxford’s collegiate university who share a common interest in business, and provides lifelong intellectual, professional and social connections long after you have left, wherever you may be. With more than 10,000 members living in 129 countries across the globe, the OBA Network is truly a world-class, international community.

Executive education participants will be invited to join the OBA Network upon completion of their programme. To learn more about the OBA Network benefits and events, please visit the the OBA website.

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The power of two schools

• The two highest ranked finance faculties and research in the Journal of Finance 2012

• Two of the highest ranked executive education providers in the world

• A combined group of Alumni living in 129 countries

• Two universities with over 130 Nobel laureates

• Alumni occupying leading roles across the global financial centres

Oxford Business Alumni

The OBA Network is Saïd Business School's official global business alumni network. Participants are invited to join the OBA to further develop their professional network.

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