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Leading & Transforming Family Businesses - China 领导与变革:华人家族企业全球课程

Leading & Transforming Family Businesses - China 领导与变革:华人家族企业全球课程

Overview 课程概览

Programme overview 项目概览

According to one Chinese proverb, 'wealth does not go beyond three generations.' As family businesses in Greater China reach new growth stages, each leader envisions a proud future: a firm with an expanded scope that succeeds in delivering value and creating wealth for many generations to come. But the strategies that helped to drive profits and mitigate risk in the past will not be sufficient to transform that future vision into reality. To overcome their challenges and sustain success, leaders must transform their family firms - strengthening governance, increasing innovation, and designing sound growth strategies that take advantage of local and global opportunities.

This new programme - jointly offered by Guanghua School of Management, Peking University; Saïd Business School, University of Oxford; and Harvard Business School - will help you overcome the strategic and organisational challenges facing today’s family businesses in Greater China. Exploring best practices from family firms in China and around the globe, you will improve your ability to build competitive advantage, optimise organisational performance, execute smooth leadership transitions, and create a stronger family business.





What you can expect 课程目标

Leading and Transforming Family Businesses—China draws on the experience and expertise of faculty from three distinguished universities to explore the strengths of family businesses and best practices for growth in China and around the world.

You will have a unique opportunity to study at three of the world’s top universities - Peking University, University of Oxford, and Harvard University. Through a rich, three-module learning experience taking place on three continents, you will expand your ability to create the processes, structures, and strategies that drive growth.

Faculty with deep family business expertise will guide you through a comprehensive curriculum focused on strengthening Chinese family businesses. Through the programme’s three-module format, you will have the opportunity to experience the best teaching from three universities in a truly global context.





Your course of study 课程设置

Taught in both Chinese and English with simultaneous translation, the intensive curriculum blends case studies drawn from China and around the world, faculty lectures, field-based learning, and guest speakers to illuminate your own family business’s opportunities and challenges in a global context.

The programme has been carefully designed to help you build on past success, overcome obstacles, and develop strategies to ensure that your business prospers in the years to come. Specifically, you will develop your ability to:

  • Recognise and address the specific challenges associated with family-owned and family-managed businesses in Greater China—from  governance to diversification to planning and executing first-time generational transitions
  • Formulate effective strategies for achieving common goals, addressing conflicts within and across generations, and planning for the family’s future 
  • Implement structures and processes that lead to high-performance companies
  • Respond effectively to volatile and uncertain economic, political, and market conditions in China and around the world
  • Innovate to build competitive advantage in a global context
  • Design growth strategies that take full advantage of the business’s strengths while minimising its vulnerabilities
  • Develop organisational leadership to meet the challenges facing today’s family businesses



  • 诊断并解决与家族控股和家族经营所相关的棘手问题,譬如公司治理、多元化经营、代际传承等挑战
  • 制定有效战略,达成共同目标,解决同代或者跨代冲突,规划企业未来
  • 构建能够创造杰出业绩表现的架构和流程
  • 及时应对国内外经济、社会和市场情况的变化和不确定性
  • 增强创新力,在全球范围内打造竞争优势
  • 制定增长战略,紧握商业机遇,学会扬长避短
  • 打造组织领导力,应对当下家族企业面临的各项挑战


Who’s right for the programme 学员结构

Leading and Transforming Family Businesses - China is ideal for established Chinese family-run businesses from any industry that are reaching milestones in their growth and are seeking new strategies for long-term success. Individuals and teams from family-run businesses with Chinese origins, operating in Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, or overseas, are encouraged to apply.


Key Facts 关键信息

Time 时间

16-21 MAR 2018 – Module 1 (Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, Beijing, China)
06-11 MAY 2018 – Module 2 (Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK)
08-13 JUL 2018 – Module 3 (HBS, Boston, MA, USA)

2018年3月16日至21日 – 模块一 (中国北京大学光华管理学院)
2018年5月06日至11日 – 模块二 (英国牛津大学赛德商学院)
2018年7月08日至13日 – 模块三 (美国哈佛大学商学院)

Cost 学费

USD47,000 / RMB328,000   

The programme fee covers tuition, books, case materials, accommodations, and most meals.

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