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Leading & Transforming Family Businesses - China 领导与变革:华人家族企业全球课程

Leading & Transforming Family Businesses - China 领导与变革:华人家族企业全球课程

Oxford Module 牛津模块


2017 Oxford Module Highlights 2017牛津模块亮点回顾(中国大陆地区请点击这里观看视频介绍)

Module 2: Innovating Across Borders: Growing the Family Business in a Global Setting

06-11 MAY 2018 Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (Oxford, UK)


Family firms in China are entering a new stage of maturity as local and global economies undergo rapid change. This module examines how businesses innovate across borders, both organisational and geographic. You’ll explore how to increase success for your family firm by recognising its intrinsic advantages and bolstering its capacity for innovation - within the firm and with partners - to build new market opportunities. 


Navigating the Market and Non-Market Environment
  • Leveraging innovation opportunities and challenges for a family business
  • Understanding how your business has been shaped by the geographies where you operate - and by your family
  • Analysing how the supporting institutional environment and ecosystem impact the resources of family firms
  • Designing strategies that maximise the advantages of your home base while minimising the weaknesses
  • Serving existing markets versus building new market opportunities
  • 充分利用家族企业的创新机遇和挑战
  • 了解地域因素及家族因素对家族企业的影响
  • 分析机构环境和生态系统对家族企业资源的影响
  • 制定扬长避短的战略,让本土优势最大化
  • 服务现有市场与开拓全新市场机会
Understanding and Innovating in Global Value Chains
  • Capturing profits in global value chains
  • Developing resources and organisational structures that foster competitive advantage
  • Building and managing productive partnerships including mergers and acquisitions
  • 在全球价值链中捕获利润
  • 开发资源,建立能够培养竞争优势的组织架构
  • 打造和管理高效合作伙伴关系,包括兼并收购
Organising for Global Expansion
  • Developing effective strategies for going global
  • Designing strategies for different markets—standardisation versus adaptation
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Managing risk internationally
  • Executing successful overseas acquisitions
  • 制定有效的全球化战略
  • 为不同市场制定不同战略——统一标准与因地制宜
  • 吸引与保留人才
  • 管理全球风险
  • 执行成功的海外收购


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