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Leading & Transforming Family Businesses - China 领导与变革:华人家族企业全球课程

Leading & Transforming Family Businesses - China 领导与变革:华人家族企业全球课程

Boston Module 波士顿模块


2017 Harvard Module Highlights 2017哈佛模块亮点回顾(中国大陆地区请点击这里观看视频介绍)

Module 3: The Future: Transitioning the Family Business for Sustained Growth 

08-13 JUL 2018 Harvard Business School (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

模块三:继往开来:家族企业转型与基业长青- 2018年7月08日至13日哈佛商学院(美国,马萨诸塞州,波士顿

This module ties together many of the programme themes to help you solidify your family business’s prospects for success. You’ll explore how to strengthen your organisation’s leadership, structures, processes, and cultures; how to design effective growth strategies; and how to sustain success through generational transitions.

Building on the work you’ve done in Modules 1 and 2—reflection, analysis, and strategic thinking—you will leave Module 3 with an action plan to guide your company into the future.


Strengthening Leadership, Talent, and Organisation Structure
  • Putting the right leadership and management team in place
  • Designing structures and processes to sustain strong leadership over time
  • Planning the education and training of rising generations
  • Instilling values of honesty and integrity in the corporate culture
  • Building an organisational culture that fosters entrepreneurship and innovation
  • 任人唯贤,打造合适的领导和管理团队
  • 制定架构与流程,建立经久不衰的领导力
  • 为年轻一代规划教育与培训方案
  • 将诚信的品质注入企业文化
  • 打造一个培养企业家和创新精神的组织文化
Choosing Your Best Strategy for Sustaining Growth
  • Making strategic use of technologies
  • Developing domestic and international branding with a global impact
  • Choosing among vehicles for growth, including diversification, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Improving corporate governance and accountability 
  • 善用新兴科技
  • 打造具有国际影响力的国内外知名品牌
  • 选择业务增长工具,包括多元化经营,并购,收购
  • 加强公司治理与责任
Planning for a Strong Future—From the Changing Global Economy to Leadership Succession
  • Understanding China’s role in the changing global economy
  • Formulating sustainable growth strategies in a global context
  • Designing an organisation that can remain strong through generational transitions
  • Planning and executing leadership succession
  • Creating an action plan for strengthening your family business
  • 了解中国在全球多变经济环境中的角色
  • 在全球背景下打造可持续的增长战略
  • 打造一个能够基业长青的组织
  • 规划和实施领导者的代际传承
  • 制定行动计划,巩固家族业务



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