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Leading & Transforming Family Businesses - China 领导与变革:华人家族企业全球课程

Leading & Transforming Family Businesses - China 领导与变革:华人家族企业全球课程

Beijing Module 北京模块

2017 Beijing Module Highlights 2017北大模块亮点回顾(中国大陆地区请点击这里观看视频介绍)

Module 1: Family Firms in China: Foundations of Family Business Success

16-21 MAR 2018 Guanghua School of Management, Peking University (Beijing, China)

模块一:华人家族企业:家族企业的成功基石 - 2018年3月16日至21日 北京大学,光华管理学院(中国,北京)

During the past three decades, many family firms have become vibrant elements of the Chinese economy. In this first module, you will explore features of a typical family business, analyse issues that frequently arise, and begin to examine how successful family firms have addressed those issues. In the process, you will use insights from those explorations to assess your own company’s strengths and weaknesses, consider plans for stabilisation and growth, and refine and articulate aspirations for the future.


The Essentials of a Family Business - Globally and in China
  • Examining core characteristics of any family business
  • Addressing issues of family versus professional management
  • Understanding how China’s family firms are similar to and different from family firms elsewhere
  • 探寻家族企业的核心特点
  • 比较家族管理与职业经理人管理
  • 理解华人家族企业与其他地区家族企业的异同
Navigating Changing Political and Legal Environments in Today’s China
  • Understanding the evolution of the family enterprise in China
  • Responding to China’s new macroeconomic and political conditions
  • Designing optimal strategies for growing a family business in the midst of a changing political and economic climate
  • 了解华人家族企业的演变
  • 应对中国全新的宏观经济和政治局势
  • 在复杂多变的政治、经济环境下,为家族企业发展制定最优战略
Governance, Management and Succession in Chinese Family Firms
  • Developing constructive relationships and managing generational conflict
  • Creating policies and plans for the family’s involvement with the business
  • Building effective governance and management structures for business and family
  • Balancing the financial needs of the business and the family
  • Preparing for the predictable stages of the family business system
  • Managing leadership succession: an introduction
  • 建立良好人脉和管理代际冲突
  • 就家族参与企业管理制定规则和计划
  • 为企业和家族建立有效的治理和管理架构
  • 平衡企业和家族的财务需求
  • 规划家族企业的不同阶段
  • 初探家族企业领导权传承


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