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Oxford Impact Investing Programme

Oxford Impact Investing Programme

Programme outline

Our programme has been formed around a structured learning environment, providing you with the key insights that only our global community of pioneering speakers, partner organisations and faculty can provide. 

We begin the week with an overview of the trends and macroeconomic reasons for the growth of the sector, and quickly progress to policy, theory, and practice. The focus will be on developing useful skills essential to succeed in impact investments, including building effective organisations able to address the rigors of due diligence and supporting effective community-based projects.

Participants will finish the programme informed, inspired, and equipped to participate in, and make a positive contribution to community-based and global change and the impact investing profession.

Day one – individual and organisational objectives

  • Understanding the impact investing ecosystem
  • Identifying drivers of investment goals and strategy
  • Effective leadership styles for addressing complex collaborations
  • Develop your theory of change (TOC) and performance measurement
  • Emerging economies (African) case study - impact investing deal and exit

Day two – deal making and impact measurement

  • Deal making and impact measurement
  • How to identify investable propositions and build quality dealflow
  • Financial instruments, fee structures and building the term sheet
  • Due diligence from financial and human security viewpoints – do no harm
  • Emerging economies (Brazil) case study - venture capital impact investing fund

Day three – investment process and the impact on society

  • Measuring impact  and communicating triple bottom line returns
  • Using results to recalibrate investment in programmes and the overall portfolio
  • Creating cultural competency for effective community engagement
  • Case study (UK) - community transport

Day four – innovative finance and policy 

  • Policy as an accelerator
  • Social impact bonds
  • Success and failures - what can we learn
  • Pioneers in action

Day five – putting it into action

  • Review innovative programmes from around the world
  • Small group and 1-1 tutorials to put together a personalised action plan and develop an elevator pitch of your future strategy
  • Review latest research and future forecast trends

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A participant's view

'It brought to life just how incredibly diverse the impact investing sector is across the globe.'

Dr Gerry Power, Chief Research Officer,
M&C Saatchi World Services

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