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Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme

Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme


You will leave Oxford with an enhanced understanding of your personal strengths and weaknesses and a series of actionable frameworks and strategies for driving enhanced performance individually, in your team and in your wider organisation.

Day 1 - Building self-insight as a leader

We spend the first day focusing on how to interpret the results of your pre programme 360 degree evaluation and NEO assessment, and instil in all the belief that that change is possible. Each participant spends time with their Executive Tutor, talking through the feedback contained within their reports and discussing strategies for addressing their development areas. The self-insight gained on day 1 provides a solid platform for you to develop your approach to leadership over the course of the week.

Day 2 - Enabling high performance through others

We explore how leadership impact can be extended, and how you can build high quality relationships at work. Drawing on cutting-edge faculty research, and the experiences of the peer group, a rich and dynamic conversation develops. We examine how high quality relationships translate into team dynamics, in particular that of high performing teams. 

Day 3 - Crucial conversations and solutions

How do you approach difficult conversations or manage corrosive relationships? You will gain strategies for achieving positive outcomes in these situations. As Professor Tim Morris mentions, 'leaders are rarely told to carry on as they are, typically there is a big change agenda'. You will explore ideas around leading change, how to make it happen, and how to influence those around you to contribute to the success of your change agenda.

Day 4 - Strategic choices in leadership

Those in leadership roles are required to make difficult decisions with no obvious answer and with incomplete information. How can we act with confidence in these situations? You will focus on leadership decision-making and learn and how to become more effective, and also explore the power of doubt, and how it can be harnessed as a positive factor. You will participate in a group coaching session where you will be able to explore your individual challenges in depth in a small peer group, gaining diverse perspectives from your peers on your individual challenges - An incredibly valuable and validating exercise.

Day 5 - Extending leadership impact

We finish the week by looking at how you can extend your impact beyond your team and direct reports and into the wider organisation and society. Authority is not always viable way to lead, we focus on how to lead through influence.

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Participant views

"Since the programme I communicate differently with my board of directors. I take more of a lead because Oxford has given me the confidence to step up."

Belinda Yates
ISF Waterloo International School