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Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme

Then and Now: Fabiana Mingrone, American Express

Fabiana Mingrone, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, American Express discusses her experience on the Oxford High Performance Leadership Programme in the short film below, and then reflects on her learning 12 months later.

November 2016


November 2017

"When I attended the programme I had just begun a new role in a new country. Oxford gave me the confidence to trust my core values and instincts in driving forward an agenda that helps the business progress. I have been able to pull the team along with me.

Immediately after the programme I shared a few tools and strategies with my team, but since then this process has become more subtle - Oxford changed me as a leader so it’s now part of who I am – I no longer need the disclaimer ‘this is what I learned in Oxford’. In turn I also learn from my direct reports every day.  I try to challenge them and enrich their toolboxes, as they enrich mine.

Before the programme I think the term ‘nice’ was attached to me a lot. Of course I don’t want to lose that, but now I’m much more confident in being clear when I feel that certain things are not acceptable or are not helping the business progress.

I would like the next step in my career to involve some technical training. I want to be more aware of what the organisation should be thinking about and how it should be thinking about it. For example, we are still talking about millennials - how to engage them, how to attract them - But we should already be talking about the generation after! Luckily I get a lot of external input from our partners, but I know there are important things that I am not currently aware of. This is what my next learning experience needs to address." 

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11 - 16 November 2018
12 - 17 May 2019


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